Sunday, October 26, 2014

368- Dealing With Cyber Security As A Small Business

The advantages brought by the internet to business owners are many but so are the risks. Many small business owners push away the thought of cyber security assuming that they are too small to be a target for sophisticated hackers. The vast opportunities presented by the internet quickly transform any small business into one with an international scope, which means no one can ignore the importance of protecting their data.

Dealing With Cyber Security As A Small Business

The reason many small business owners brush off the idea of cyber security is at times the cost seems too high. Cyber security experts recommend that one does not need to undertake the intensive measures a major company would and there are business solutions for small and medium-sized companies as well.

The first place to start would be consulting with your insurance provider to find out about cyber insurance. Although little known, it provides refuge if a breach of data security occurs. Most insurance companies offer less costly premiums according to the measures you have taken to secure against security breaches. You agent can therefore advise you which measures are recognized by your insurance provider to harmonize the security measures you take and your insurance.

Every day new software, programs, apps and computer models are being created making old models become obsolete fast. Rightly so, any business owner using IT solutions upgrades to the incoming technology is creating the need for disposal of the old. You should take great caution when disposing off old computers. The simple formatting and permanent deleting of files on the computer is not enough to get rid of data. Anyone with sufficient knowledge can retrieve this data and place your business and customers at risk.

Employ proper data destruction methods when disposing computers, copying and faxing machines. Invest in a data destruction program to make sure that the data once on the machine cannot be retrieved once deleted. You can also employ the services of an e-disposal company to deal with your destruction issues. Most will have their employees come to your business premises and erase all data. As an added advantage, you can choose to dispose with them to avoid breaching environmental regulations.

When choosing an IT company dealing with data security, make sure that they comply with the necessary laws to avoid further problems in the future. Non-compliance to these laws such as the Federal Information Security Management Act can lead to prosecution in the event of a data security breach.

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