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352- To Build Your Own Solar Panels? DIY Solar Panels for Home Use!

Solar panels are a cost effective, simple and environmentally responsible home addition to anyone trying to be a bit greener these days. So if you want to start building solar panels for your home then here are some instructions that will help you build your own solar panels.

To Build Your Own Solar Panels? DIY Solar Panels for Home Use!

Investing in a complete solar array may prove prohibitively expensive for some folks, but there is a reason for the high cost: solar panels are high-tech, and so are the inverters that convert electricity from them. You also have to consider that professionally installed ones are mounted onto metal rails that are drilled into your roof. The whole system then has to be spliced into the electrical wiring of your home-something you can't do without an electrician's license.

If you want to learn how to build a solar panels at home, easy to understand designs should be your main concern. Some of the major issues in building an efficient ones are figuring out which design to choose and learning all about the required materials. Designs can vary, of course, not only depending on how much power you need, but also when it comes to determining the overall efficiency and reducing the cost of your project.

If you live in a place where there is in sunlight, for example, it usually doesn't matter much whether you are building mono-crystalline solar panels or polycrystalline ones, so the best thing to do is make the least expensive choice. On the other hand, if your focus is on efficiency, and money is not an issue, you can simply research which PV cells are the best, and purchase them.

Building Solar Panels for Home Use

After getting the things required you need to start with the solar panel.

The first thing to do is to find a right place for the solar panel. You have to fix this panel at the roof top because there you can get the maximum amount of sunlight. You also need to check the direction of the sunrays or at which direction the solar cells receive sunlight.

After deciding the direction you need to put the roof trac by drilling the roof and attaching the aluminum bar. This aluminum bar will hold the solar cells on it. You can add more bars as per your requirement. Fix the bars well by fixing the screws.

Now it's time to fix the solar cells on the aluminum bar. After fixing all the cells on the bar, connect each and every cell with the help of a wire. See that all the cells are connected. Check for the voltage with the help of a voltmeter.

Now fix the inverter and connect the storage battery. The rest of the work is a bit complex when it's time for you to connect it to the power grid. It is recommended that you call an electrician for further connection as even a small mistake of yours can be hazardous. That's why I suggest when you want to build your own solar panel; it is advisable to look for kit to help you out. Once you are done with the connections, you just need to wait for the cells to charge up and start the work.

The best way to build your own solar panel at home is to get an experienced person to help guide you through the building and installation process but it can be hard to track down someone of this description. The next best alternative is to purchase a step by step comprehensive guide that lays down all the steps in detail. If the guide is also accompanied with video instruction then it will make it even easier to put into action.

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