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353- Do You Want to Know How to Make Solar Panels At Home? Build Your Own Solar Panels For Home Use!

You really want learn how to build your own solar panels that can save you loads of money in the future? If actually you want to learn how to make solar panels at home, easy ways of determining how much power you need are very vital. Depending on the type of solar cell you want to make use of, you can estimate how many of them you need in order to get the amount of energy you need. Also, bear in mind that larger cells produce more power but are more difficult to work with. Smaller ones do take up less space, but they may not give you as much energy as you may need. So, if it is your first time making solar panels on your own, it might be best to start off with a smaller project.

Do You Want to Know How to Make Solar Panels At Home? Build Your Own Solar Panels For Home Use!

What actually are we talking about?

They are modules of photovoltaic cells used in producing electricity from light energy. Photovoltaic or solar cells are made up of silicon, a semiconducting material. The silicon absorbs the photons present in the sunlight. These photons knock the electrons in silicon atoms and let them flow freely through the material. The motion of electrons, thus, generates electricity. The photons can either be absorbed or reflected from the surface of the solar cells, depending upon the energy present in them.

With the increasing prices of electricity all over the world lots of folks are moving towards renewable energy resources like solar and wind energy for producing cheap electricity. The problem with using wind energy is that it does not provide enough power and can operate only in windy conditions. On the other hand those panels that use sun energy for producing electricity are too highly priced. One way out of this problem is to make solar panels yourself.

Making a solar panel is not as difficult as you might think it is. There are only a few basic things you should know about electrical equipment and you can easily make solar panel all by yourself. Even if you are not a handy-man or handy-women now, with the right instruction, powering your own home with a self built solar power can be a very real possibility.

The key thing to remember when you are learning how to make your own solar panels are to enjoy the whole process and don't be too hard on yourself. If you are too serious this will just lead to you becoming stressed and frustrated. Let's face it, you will make mistakes as you learn but if you are following professionally written guide books the mistakes will be small and you can dust yourself off and keep going.

Components needed to learn how to build solar panels are as follows:

=>Solar cells

=>Electrical wires

=>Some plywood for the panel frame

=Silicone caulk for pasting the solar cells to the substrate

=>A non-conductive material like a Masonite peg-board that will act as substrate

=>Soldering equipment for making connections between the solar cells

=>Schottky diode

=>A few screws to secure the Plexiglass on top of the wooden panel.

=>Sheet of covering material like Plexiglass to keep it safe

If you are still scratching your head as to how to make solar panels at home, it may interest you to know that the projects can take anywhere from a few days to weeks depending on how much time you can invest. The quicker you learn and finish off the project, the quicker you will get to experience all the amazing benefits of building your own solar panels.

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