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351- Avoid These 4 Mistakes When You Want to Build Your Own Solar Panels, Do Them at Your Own Peril!

Before you begin to build your own solar panels, you will need to know how many watts you want the panel to produce. Your output power will depend on the electronics you choose to purchase to invert the direct current to that of AC.

Avoid These 4 Mistakes When You Want to Build Your Own Solar Panels, Do Them at Your Own Peril!

I have to give you fair warning about building solar panels. If you do not have the right instructions to follow from the beginning, you are going to end up in a complete mess. The complexity of the project will depend on the number of solar panels you want to build and the appliances you are going to run with the solar energy. But overall the task is one that is easily learned.

It is really funny when it comes to building your own solar panels for your home, people want to take shortcuts in saving money or not researching the solar panel plans they are about to purchase. If actually you are interested in building your own and you are sitting on the internet searching for free solar panel plans you need to realize there will come to a point when sacrificing quality for saving money will have negative consequences.

Being able to make solar panel is already a major cost saving in contrast to buying a pre-made one but trying to get the cost down to literally nothing is not a good idea. In this article I will be focusing on four mistakes that you must avoid if you want the building to go smoothly.

The Four mistakes to avoid when you want to build your own solar panels are:

1 - Using free plans: Don't get me wrong here; whenever I hear about a bargain, a sale, or something for free my ears always perk up. But when it comes to powering your house with solar energy using free plans can lead you down a frustrating path that can set you back in many ways.

The main problem with free solar panel plans are the majority are not well created and can be very difficult to follow by someone who has no experience building. Free plans may sound great when you find one on the internet, print it out and start building, but what happens when you get stuck or don't understand something?

Usually all your hard work will have gone to waste as you will not be able to get any specialized help. The higher quality paid plans will have a support system set in place so that if you get into any trouble you can get help from an expert who will set you right again. So don't skimp when it comes to buying quality plans otherwise you may find yourself abandoning the solar project all together when you run into difficulties.

2 - Not taking advantage of limited time rebates and incentives: For many of us, lagging is something we have a habit of doing. In fact, missing offers and opportunities has probably occurred on more than one account. "Oh, I will look into it tomorrow." Does that sound familiar? The problem with tomorrow is that it may never come. Lots of rebates and incentives are made available from a number of sources including the federal, state, and municipal government along with your utility company. The moment you are aware of these offers, look into them right away.

3-Not using energy efficient equipment: There's no excuse not to use a high efficiency or energy efficient appliance. Consider using a tankless water heater so water will not sit around waiting to be heated. Green appliances are available in all price points and are readily available.

4 - Roof lifetime/Solar panel lifetime: This one seems obvious... until you look around the web at the number of folks who have done it. Save yourself an internet diatribe and match your panels' expected lifespan to your roof. Remember that this is your investment we are talking about here.

So what do you do to battle this obstacle when you want to build your own solar panles? I find the best thing to do is to commit yourself to working on your solar project every day for at least a month no matter how much time you can dedicate, even if it's ten minutes. After about a month the daily building becomes a routine or habit and it will be easy to continue to build momentum. Also you should look for a nice kit that will help you make your own solar panels.

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