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344- 3 Ways to Choose a Website Domain Name

First of all, any website can be optimized to show up in search engines, so you don't have to buy a domain with a keyword that relates to your services. It looks rather cheap in the eyes of your customers because it's expected to see the company name as the domain name.

3 Ways to Choose a Website Domain Name

I always recommend using the company name because you already spent time coming up with your company name. If that domain is already taken you can use these slight alterations to come up with something just as good. However, there are other ways of finding the correct domain for your business.

1. Add State Abbreviation

If your company name is already taken I suggest added your state abbreviation to the end. It will help you show up in your local area because every page of your website will reference your state. Many searchers look up a product or service along with the state abbreviation to find a local supplier.

2. Add a Product Keyword

Another good idea is to add a word that references your products or services such as "contractor" or "electronics" or "restaurant". It's getting more and more difficult to find a 2-word domain name in any category. You're better off thinking about what your company offers and including it in the name. If you're a cleaning service you can include "cleaning" or "maids" to the end of your domain name.

3. Add Inc., LLC or Co

This is by far the easiest. If your company is already incorporated you can add "Inc", "LLC" or "Co" to the end. Your customers will understand where you got your domain name and it still references your company perfectly.

Branding is difficult to accomplish. Your company name is your brand name and you should use it as much as possible. Every time you see Home Depot you see orange colors, that's done strategically. They hope that you think of them each time you see orange colors. You may not plan on being that big by tomorrow, but you should have your ducks in a row from the beginning.

SEO, search engine optimization, is a different animal. It's not web design, web design is a brochure of your company and that's it. Don't let these companies tell you to change your company name to a product-keyword like "riding-lawn-mowers" so that you can rank better, because you won't. You may rank for that exact phrase quicker but it will be the only phrase.

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