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320- What Is Search Engine Marketing

When it comes to search engine marketing, business owners are often a little confused. With abbreviations such as SEO, SEM and SERPs often featuring heavily in any content discussing internet marketing, it is unsurprising that most laypeople are a little overwhelmed.

What Is Search Engine Marketing

However, by understanding the basics of search engine marketing, you can decide whether it is appropriate for your business and whether its implementation would benefit your sales.

SEM is an online marketing strategy. It promotes the website of companies by increasing their visibility in the SERP or search engine results page. This is accomplished through using paid placement and contextual advertising to draw in visitors. SEM is often used as an umbrella term for marketing websites including SEO.

Why is SEM important?

When considering search engine marketing, business owners may question whether it is really important. In order to assess this, you need to understand that the internet is constantly evolving. The development of the internet has meant that there are now literally millions of websites covering every possible topic from personal interest blogs to information sites, community forums through to sales websites. 

Even if your website has been intricately designed to look aesthetically beautiful, it will be of little benefit to you if it cannot be found by your target audience.

Elements of SEM

SEM was developed to attract people looking to find their desired information with just one click. This includes programs such as PPC or pay per click. Pay per click advertising is prominently placed by the major search engine. For this advertising priority, you are required to pay the search engines company each time someone clicks on your advertisement.

SEO offers a more organic way to increase the website visibility in the results pages. It uses keywords strategically placed in the content to attract the attention of the search engine company. However, over use of the keyword or using an inappropriate keyword can actually compromise the search page ranking, in addition to irritating potential customers with poorly written content. Proper implementation of SEO is important to achieve an organic result without paying for advertising such as PPC.

SMM or Social Media Marketing capitalises on the massive potential offered by the various social media platforms. This can be an excellent way to develop customer relationships and establish your company as an authority within your industry or niche. SMM is a great way to tailor your marketing to a particular demographic. It is also very effective, since popular content and links are often shared between online friends and contacts. This can allow you access to a wider range of potential customers without directly marketing to them.

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