Monday, May 26, 2014

310- Top Tips For Saving Money On Your Electricity Bills

Why be energy efficient? You have most likely heard this question asked millions of times on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and you have no doubt grown tired of the resulting debate.

Top Tips For Saving Money On Your Electricity Bills

As annoying as that type of thing is, there is definitely a lot of truth to the issues that these people are trying to relay. There is something about doing the right thing to protect the environment that you should definitely look at. Being energy efficient doesn't mean that you have to uproot the way that you live in favour of primitive dwellings, so don't go selling your house just yet. There are a few small changes that you should make that will go a long way toward you becoming more energy efficient. It may not seem like a lot, but the collective effort from everyone should do something to help the planet.

It's all in the lifestyle changes

If you make these small lifestyle changes, you will learn a lot about how to save electricity in the home as well as be energy efficient:

Cook your food in the microwave, not on the electric stove, as this wastes a huge amount of electricity. If possible, convert from an electric hob to a gas hob, as this costs almost nothing in comparison.

Avoid using the hot water tap to do small things like wash your hands. This is because every time you turn the hot water tap on, the geyser activates and this uses a lot of electricity.

Try and have lukewarm showers instead of hot ones, as hot ones use more electricity. This way you also keep your shower time to a minimum, meaning that you will save on water too this way.

Switch off the lights in the rooms that you are not using. You would be surprised just how much electricity gets wasted by lights that burn needlessly.

The final, most important tip is to dress warmly in winter so that you do not have to use your electric heater excessively. In fact, if you can avoid using an electric heater altogether and use a gas one instead you will make a massive saving.

These are the top strategies when it comes to saving electricity in the home. They are great to use. One of the other things that you can do is to install a power backup system. This is a system that makes use of solar power and links onto your home, so that if you find yourself disconnected from the main grid, the backup will keep the lights on no matter what.

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