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253- Step-By-Step Tips For Trade Show Installation Success

There are many key factors to consider when preparing your team for live marketing success. However, there is one critical detail that, if not executed properly, can ultimately lead to a major event failure: the trade show installation process. Without a flawless install, your company will quickly be rendered irrelevant, unorganized and unworthy of attendee attention.

Step-By-Step Tips For Trade Show Installation Success

Planning And Preparation Critical When Outlining Trade Show Installation Success

To ensure a flawless execution of your trade show installation during your business' next live marketing event, it's important to prepare for success. Following these simple steps can help prevent trade show installation errors and make your business the biggest attraction on the showroom floor.

Step #1: Find the right partner: 

What's the best way to guarantee your trade show installation will go off without a hitch? Partner with a reputable and qualified provider. While there are many companies that claim to be install "experts" vying for your business, it's critical to source a firm that has the skills and expertise you'll need to set up your organization's exhibit flawlessly, from start to finish. Where's the best place to start when sourcing your install experts? The firm that helped design your exhibit.

Step #2: Create an inventory list: 

Finding the right install partner is just the first decision of the process. It's also critical to create a thoroughly detailed inventory list to help your provider as well. Include details about each specific box that has been shipped, the contents held inside and where it should be delivered.

Step #3: Outline setup details: 

Sure, your chosen trade show installation provider may have extensive expertise in booth setup; however, there is no such thing as over preparing for install success. Create a detailed outline about exactly how you want your booth configured and laid out to instantly streamline the process for your vendor.

Step #4: Take pictures: 

In addition to written details, always provide photo images of exactly how you'd like your exhibit set up. Pictures will quickly eliminate guesswork and guarantee that you'll arrive to a booth that is set up precisely how you had envisioned it.

Step #5: Prepare the extras in advance: 

Beyond the booth itself, there are also several other factors that must be considered for setup success. Carpeting, electricity, and other accessories all need to be planned for and passed along to your trade show installation partner to ensure that they will understand exactly what is expected of their team during the setup process.

Step #6: Consider security: 

The showroom floor isn't just bustling during the convention itself; many venues will be swarming with people before the event as well. Always take the necessary precautions needed to ensure that your equipment and exhibit gear is well taken care of before the setup process begins. From locking boxes with expensive items, to hiring a supervisor to specifically monitor your business items, securing your gear can mean the difference between a successful trade show installation and a major marketing mishap.

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