Wednesday, May 7, 2014

256- MLM Adventures And The Future

What might the future hold for the MLM industry? Does the internet mean a new explosion? What are the advantages and disadvantages of sponsoring through the internet?

MLM Adventures And The Future

Firstly, I must state that I am personally a big fan of multi level marketing. This may come as a surprise since I am in my fifth attempt to be successful in MLM. You can call me a "sucker for punishment", if you desire.I will simply always love the concept.

The reputation of this industry has certainly had its ups and downs. A quick search on Google provides both negative and positive articles. There is certainly no shortage of opinions. The largest criticism is that so few make it to the top, and I am in agreement with this.

However, this is no different with traditional business; the 5% group exists in MLM and outside MLM.

What Does the Future Hold?

It is very intriguing to consider the future of MLM with the Internet. There are likely very few business models that have not taken advantage of internet marketing.

We have to distinguish between Internet MLM opportunities, and traditional MLM utilizing the internet for marketing or sponsoring purposes. They are quite different and unique. The few Internet MLM business's I have seen are virtually a business with no product. The products are marketing tools you can purchase to assist in your recruitment activities. The up-selling strategies are non-stop and quite frankly, annoying.

Internet MLM Business Leads - Advantages and Disadvantages

The biggest advantage is that your recruitment is no longer restricted geographically. The internet is global and so your sponsoring activities can be focused globally, in an instant. You are no longer restricted to friends or family and the usual (very awkward and difficult) off-line recruitment methods.

The second biggest advantage is that your marketing efforts can remain effective for months, or even years. For example; you're content or video marketing remains effective for very long periods of time. It may only require minor editing once or twice a year. In traditional MLM, your marketing effort is only effective for a moment in time.

The third biggest advantage is that your marketing efforts are always on auto-pilot. Follow up upon follow up is all automatic. Auto responders, when used properly are extremely effective in turning leads in customers.

The fourth biggest advantage is the ability to find and target warm leads. A quick Google AdWords analysis shows literally hundreds of thousands of monthly searches for income opportunities.

The last biggest advantage is that you are truly working from the comfort of home. I know this was a big marketing strategy with traditional MLM. However, the good MLM's actively promoted many meetings and conventions. This involved a hefty amount of time, travel and expense. It does not get much easier that sitting at your laptop and having total control of marketing and sponsoring activities.

The biggest disadvantage is building a relationship and establishing trust. The one on one personal engagement has a huge advantage over email, chat or other e-communications. Credibility can be quickly established. You will always gain trust quicker through personal engagement. The same trust can be gained over the internet but this will take a considerable amount of time and effort.

My Verdict

The internet has and will continue to make it much easier and comfortable to sponsor people. The key here is - "Comfortable". Traditional MLM gets very difficult when you have to do cold call recruitment tactics. These were absolutely necessary to be successful. Many people failed because they simply could not operate out of their comfort zone. This has all but disappeared with the internet.

The internet could bring about a new period of sustained growth for MLM businesses. The sponsoring activities are already present and growing rapidly. Multi Level Marketing is certainly here to stay for the long term.

The opponents and proponents will continue to do battle with their online content.

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