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254- Know The True Cost Of Your Trade Show Exhibit Rental Before You Sign The Contract

There are often hidden costs to a trade show exhibit rental. Before you sign that contract, ask some specific questions about what is and isn't covered so that you aren't surprised by unexpected costs when the bill arrives.

Know The True Cost Of Your Trade Show Exhibit Rental Before You Sign The Contract

Renting a trade show display rather than buying one has several advantages, particularly for small and mid-sized companies, including:

* Lower cost than buying a display

* The opportunity to try out different designs

* No need to worry about storing your booth elements between events

* Professional install & dismantle

* Ability to tailor elements for each venue

But before you sign a contract for a trade show exhibit rental, take the time to ask the right questions to make sure you are getting the best savings possible and that there aren't any unpleasant surprises down the road.

Do You Offer A Discount On Multi-Show Contracts?

One of the main reasons companies opt for a rental instead of buying their own displays is because they don't use them frequently enough to get a return on the investment. But they also assume -- wrongly -- that if they are only attending a few shows a year, they can't get a discount for more than one show. In fact, you should ask about a multi-event contract for two to three years. The savings can be substantial because the rental company likes to lock in rentals well in advance and because they will be familiar with your needs.

What Kind Of Lighting Can You Provide?

There are plenty of situations when an otherwise well designed, perfectly assembled exhibit rental ended up tanking on the venue floor because the company leasing it didn't think to ask about what kind of lighting would be included. If you're set up in an area with less than ideal lighting, you could be scrambling for stop-gap lighting at the last minute rather than properly prepping for your time spent meeting and greeting potential leads. Ideally, your leased display should include lighting and accessories that will highlight your booth and make it shine.

Is The Flooring Included?

Flooring is an often overlooked element that can have a huge impact on visitors and how long they linger in your space. If you don't rent attractive, cushioned flooring, visitors may be focused more on their aching feet than on what your company has to offer. Plush carpeting or rubberized floor tiles will also make your space look more professional. Some companies will include this in the overall cost, but others won't. Ask, because the cost can be significant.

Will You Do I&D?

Let's face it, most rentals can be confusing to assemble even with the proper instructions. Your booth lease should include appropriate install and dismantle services so that you can focus on being properly prepared to network and sell your product or service rather than sweating the details of putting up, taking down, packing and shipping everything you've rented. Make sure you won't have to pay extra for this; after all, it's one of the perks of choosing a trade show exhibit rental instead of buying!

Can I Make Changes To Our Trade Show Exhibit Rental Between Shows?

If you're signing a multi-event contract, ask whether you can swap out some elements in order to target specific differences in demographics from one venue to another. Some manufacturers will allow you to make minimal changes from one venue to another while others will allow you to switch things up quite a bit from one event to another. Knowing where you stand with your trade show exhibit rental company and what's included in your contract are two critical components of success at every event you attend.

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