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312- Internet Marketing Success: How to Increase Conversion Rate on Website

Although it has been said the internet marketing success is really just a numbers game, if you can figure out how to increase conversion rate on website, you're way ahead of the game. I recently watched a webinar that explains some ideas to increase sales on the internet...

Internet Marketing Success: How to Increase Conversion Rate on Website

Internet marketing success really is just a numbers game, and learning how to increase conversion rate on website is the real key to success.

So what exactly do mean by this? Well there are actually four stages to internet marketing success:

1) Getting Traffic to your Site 

2) Getting Visitors to Click on Your Offer Link 

3) Converting your Capture Page to Leads 

4) Converting Leads to Sales

So let's run the numbers in a fairly good scenario:

Begin with a blog post or article such as this one. Let's say that 10% of the people who read your article will click your offer link. That's the "top" of the funnel.

For practicality, let's say that 1000 people read your article, and you now have 100 clicks on your link.

Out of those 100 clicks, 40% might enter in their email address and become a lead (40 leads)

Out of those 40, 5% might become buying customers (2 sales)

But what if you could up that last percentage from 5 to 15%? That would be six sales instead of two!

Here are just a few basic ideas from a recent webinar I watched...

1) Be Yourself.

So much of what you see online these days is done by internet phonies trying to fake it till they make it. Unfortunately, it's given the internet marketing industry a bad name. When you can rise above and actually present yourself as a real person, you're ahead of the game.

Keep in mind that, if you're first presenting yourself in a blog post or article, people who opt in at the "top of the funnel" do so because there's something about the way you present yourself that they like. So make sure that your follow up messages in your auto-responder also reflect the real you.

2) Post Testimonials.

Share screen shots of your success and create short videos reflecting your excitement. I've once heard that EVERYONE actually buys on emotion (even us logical folks)! When you're sharing success - no matter how small you might think it is - I guaranteed you it's still a giant step for SOMEBODY out there!

Take a screen shot of your increased lead flow or amount earned in your back off and post it on your blog. Then share that post on Facebook. It's also good to try to stimulate conversation on Facebook and ask people to voice their opinion.

3) Share Facebook links.

I recently learned that people are getting a greater click through rate when sent a Facebook link to their list as opposed to a link that leads directly to a video. Crazy, I know, but when people are forced to jump through hoops of some sort, they're more apt to buy.

When you're asking people to do stuff, (example: "just follow these three steps and then enter in your best email"), you are positioning yourself as a leader. People tend to follow. And leaders are attracted to leaders.

Also, people seem to feel closer to you on Facebook - especially if you make a habit of sharing your personal experiences and pictures. And, of course, people will buy from those who they know, like and trust!

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