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272- Importance of Content Writing Services With the Changing Google Algorithms

If you have been thinking the SEO is something that is in black and white print, please dismiss the idea right away. The role of SEO in content writing services has become extremely challenging and dynamic.

Importance of Content Writing Services With the Changing Google Algorithms

Thanks to Google's forever changing algorithms, now writers have a bigger task at hand. In fact, not much is going to change the way we chase the invincible SEO ranking. The long tail keywords are now making their way back into our minds and hearts. The new Humming Bird by Google may have changed the way we perceive content, but everything else remains the same even today. Some of them include:

High quality and engaging content still remains as the top priority

Back links that connect to SEO still play a large role

Keywords have to be used in moderation and be carefully placed

The only thing that this new algorithm is going to change is the way in which the content is interpreted and viewed.

New search techniques

Humming Bird allows users to break free from the old search habits. Typically, it is normal for users to search for a keyword based topics on the search engine. The previous algorithm would base the search results on the key words that we use and literally send us on a wild goose chase. It only brings up links that have the keywords whether it is relevant to our search or not. The overall context of poor search gets lost in this quagmire. In fact Google managed to train the human mind to an extent where questions are posed in the form of keywords. Like Google says 'are you feeling lucky' and it makes us hope that we find the right content.

Humming Bird is a fresh lease of life to various users and will bring up the most relevant search results. Also understand that search engines are tools whose main goal is to make users spend little time on the websites.

The intelligence of Humming Bird 

There has been the penguin, panda and now it is the Humming Bird. However this latest technique is a brain child of a smart programmer, which forces the user to ask a question. The search engine relates to the context of the search rather than the keyword. This means that the Humming Bird has almost human like intelligence. Now content writing services have to carefully factor in this kind of intelligent content.

About Humming Bird 

The new algorithm is quite different from the average Panda in its functionality. The approach is brand new and utilizes a newer form of technology by combining the features of the old ones. The name 'Humming Bird has been inspired from the speed and accuracy of the little bird of nature. If you notice a Humming Bird at work, it does not stay in one single place for long time and is always buzzing for nectar at the right places. To put it in a nutshell, this new algorithm is going to do exactly the same thing.

Changing keywords 

Long tail keywords are now going to come back into the SEO scenario again. The new algorithm will use the keyword to decipher the context and will further chase the keyword with more questions. The main aim of the algorithm is to provide the exact results for the context.Here is an example:

Previously we would look for diabetes related queries by using keywords like, 'diabetes health', 'dealing with diabetes' and so on.

The newer method will require us to ask specific questions like, 'how to cope with diabetes' for example. Content writing services now have to factor in these long tail keyword techniques more often now.

How did Humming Bird evolve? 

Google has been around for nearly 15 years and probably has one of the largest search databases in the world of search engines. After a detailed study, now Google understands the exact search behavior of users. The knowledge graph is huge that it now exactly points to a solution for coping with providing accurate results. Now Google is using the power of conversational search to achieve success in the search engine category.

If you have been attentive enough you may have noticed a small microphone icon next to the search bar on Google. Have you ever wondered what is it for? When you click on this microphone you can ask your question that you may have typed otherwise. The question along with the most relevant answers will be displayed on the search engine page. Try and test it out. It is a pretty smart tool we must say. Also did you know that Google will also speak the answer back to you? That's really smart now! This is the power of conversation.

Why do we need Humming Bird?

There are a few great reasons as to why we need a newer technique like Humming Bird.

Google has been the first answer and sounding board for various users across the world. Finally it has come o their realization that users are not searching for keywords but are actually asking questions.

Many people use their smart phones and tablets to search and typing on these devices is extremely difficult.

It is a great boon to visually and artistically challenged individuals.

The future of content writing services

As a final note, nothing takes away from the fact that keywords still have their importance. Instead of shorter ones we will be using longer ones. The ideology remains the same while the perception changes. Humming Bird algorithm is already being put to practice. Test it out by typing in a question and see if you are getting relevant results. Compare the same method by typing in keywords; you will have a better understanding through your own experiment.

As a content writer, it is best if you start incorporating this newer technique right away into your content. Like they say 'the early bird gets the worm.'

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