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324- How To Protect Yourself From Fraudulent Clients Over The Internet?

This article will help you avoid fraudulent clients that get work done and vanish without paying. This a increasing problem for freelancers due to lack of proper code of conduct. You will know how to protect yourself, and what to do if you have been wrongly enticed by a fake client.

How To Protect Yourself From Fraudulent Clients Over The Internet?

There are all types of employees in this world. Every freelancer will definitely bump into a cheating client at least once in his career.

It is very easy for a client to create a fake ID and hide personal information on an online workspace, this gives him an upper hand which he can exploit easily. And it becomes even more difficult for a new freelancer to distinguish good clients from bad ones, because they think "If the client is on an online workspace, he would not cheat." This misconception has affected many new comers to this industry.

How to protect yourself from phony online employees?

The first step is to find if the client is respectable. Never work for a client who asks "Are you ready to work outside of the online workspace?" You must be officially hired by the client on that particular job, otherwise the online workspace staff would not be able to help you in any way. Secondly, even if the client hires you, but asks to pay through a different medium other than the online workspace, immediately report such activity without a second thought. Only opt for secondary payment method, when you have worked with the client for at least a few months and you have complete trust over him.

What to do if you get cheated by a fraudulent client?

If the client is a local one, you can lodge a complaint in the police. But the problem in such cases is that either the client information is fake, or they are in a completely different region. Absence of any official binding agreement that will be credible in a court of law will leave you with nothing except to mourn. Nevertheless, in any case, you must contact the online workspace about the illegal activity. Even if you are not able to get justice, you will be saving many others from such fraud by notifying the online workspace staff, and publicly broadcasting the incident.

My personal experience:

Many years back, I was hired by a client named Jessica Eva. Her Skype name was Lianne Richards (this is the first sign of danger). She insisted me to work outside of the online workspace. I complied with her because she was offering insane amount of money (another sign of danger). After working for a week, I asked for the payment, and she blocked me from Skype! Since I was not hired officially, I could not do anything. Well it was just a week's work. I learned the lesson and now I always work with verifiable clients who have good feedback history.

Respect is very important in freelancer-client relationships. The best client will always listen to your requests and try to accommodate you in the best possible way. This is because he will know the value of your work, and he will be honest enough to give information about himself for verification. Freelancing is a world with no limits - provided you work smartly and choose clients wisely.

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