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332- How Can I Increase My Affiliate Sales Quickly?

Making money from affiliate programs is not easy but it can be done if you as an affiliate marketer arm yourself with the needed knowledge to increase your affiliate sales quickly. And this article will help you give your affiliate income a major boost. So read on to see how.

How Can I Increase My Affiliate Sales Quickly?

In today's marketing world it is a great challenge to find an affiliate product that converts well or to increase sales. Most people who are just starting out in affiliate marketing think there is a magic formula that will bring in profit. But there is none. Rather what is available are time-tested marketing practices that have worked and continue to work in the marketing world. I will unveil to you fourteen to effective marketing tips that will help you increase your affiliate sales in a short time.

What Are These Fourteen Tips?

1. Use special web pages to promote each affiliate product you are marketing. Do not put different products together on the same site. Rather create a site that promotes each one of the affiliate products you're promoting.

You should include reviews and testimonials on the site so that visitors will know how the product has helped those who bought it. And if you have permission to use the customers' photos and names the better.

You can write articles explaining the uses of the product and put them on the website. Make sure the pages are beautiful and include calls to act on the information. Each headline should make readers want to read more or even contact you.

2. Offer free reports to your readers. And keep them at the very top of your page so as to make them highly visible. You should have autoresponder messages in place that you can send to your prospects. You need it because a sale takes place on the seventh contact with a prospect.

One of two things will happen within your web page: closed sale or the prospect leaves the page, never to return again. You should send your prospects useful information and use it as an opportunity to remind them about the product. The content of your messages should give your prospect precise reasons why they should purchase the product.

Pay attention to important points such as how the product will make things easier to your prospects. And convince them to buy your product instead of reading your free reports alone.

3. Make it a habit to write at least 2 articles each week, that are 300-600 words in length. And submit them to article directories and ezines. By writing these articles you will get at least 100 targeted visitors to your site every day.

Bear in mind that only one or two out of a hundred visitors will buy what you offer.

4. Prop Up Your Reputation.

If you want to make money online you must pay serious attention to your reputation.

Your visitors are likely to buy what you offer them if they have a level of trust in you and the information you give them.

Be selective about what affiliate products you promote as it will affect your reputation negatively if you refer your visitors to unreliable websites.

I suggest you try out a product and write about it before promoting it.

Also write tutorials on how to use the product and what impact it had on your life.

This will make your visitors trust your judgement.

If you want to

increase affiliate sales, you should tell your visitors what course of action to take. And a good way to do this is to use words that denote action such as "click here", " Go here" etc. This way you would encourage your visitors to visit other sites.

5. Get more traffic with proper SEO

As you already know one cannot make money on the internet without traffic.

But that is not all there is to it. You must also drive targeted traffic to your site in order to make more sales. To do this effectively you should build your site in such a way as to appeal to your target audience. And you can achieve this by using keywords and good content. Once this is done your website will be visible to search engines and more traffic and sales will come.

It is best to use WordPress for designing your affiliate site and install SEO plugins in order to rank well on search engines.

As an affiliate marketer you should make continuous improvements to your site in order to increase conversion rates. 
In order to make effective improvements to your site visit your site and look at it from a customer's point of view. Is there something on the site that will make you leave?

What made you click on a particular link?

These are some of the important questions you should ask yourself.

Remember to do your research on any affiliate product before you promote it because you can only make money as an affiliate marketer if you point your visitors to products that they would be glad to buy.

6. Use Videos

If you want to make affiliate sales you should SHOW your prospective customer how the product will be useful to them. And you can do this effectively using videos.

If you create video guides targeting different affiliate products this will build trust, bring more traffic and increase your affiliate sales.

7. Be Truthful

It is of no use promoting an affiliate product that you know nothing about.

The best thing to do is to promote those products that you like using yourself. And an effective way to do this is to write an article highlighting the use of the product and the benefits. Then add a text affiliate link pointing the reader to the product site.

If you add a video of yourself using the said product people are more likely to trust you and also try the product, thereby bringing you more sales.

8. Be Focused

If you're just starting out in affiliate marketing you could make the mistake of trying to promote many affiliate products at the same time. Therefore it is advisable that you focus on a couple of products that have the potential to convert well.

It is necessary for the following reasons:

1. You will be able to inform your potential buyers about the product and also demonstrate that you actually use it.

2. It will prevent you from making the mistake of stuffing your site with too many affiliate links which will make it hard for your visitors to decide what product to go for; thereby losing sales.

9. Write Compare Reviews

You should write compare reviews instead of single reviews, as people tend to buy the product if it is touted as the best in a review of two or more products.

10. Write Long Reviews

It has been proven that a long review sells a product more than a short one.

Why? Because it will discourage your readers from searching for the same information elsewhere. So try and write that long review. You'll be grateful you did.

11. Fast Loading Site

If you're an affiliate marketer and your site loads slowly you're bound to lose sales.

I would not waste more than a minute on a site that is slow in loading neither would anyone else. I suggest you use the compressed CSS and 
JS on your site to minimize the loading time.

12. Create Hype Using Social Networks

Before you review any product on your site, create hype around it using social networks such as Facebook, twitter and reddit.

13. Create Giveaways

Giveaways create a longing to use a product as far as affiliate marketing is concerned. If you bought two or more products and gave it away with your affiliate Link in it that could bring you many sales, traffic and popularity.

14. Use Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the oldest and most effective means of generating affiliate sales. If you can garner a large number of subscribers, you're on your way to earning a six figure income.

The tips I have presented above are easy to follow if you're focused on succeeding online. Use these tips on all your affiliate products and sites and you can earn actually earn a living online. And become an authority to be consulted in your chosen field.

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