Friday, May 30, 2014

327- Enterprise Website Problem? Try the Drupal Solution

When an enterprise decides to build its professional website, it faces many issues, difficulties and glitches along the way. They may be of different natures and each may need to be dealt with differently. Many a time, this becomes a headache for the business and they are also not able to reap the incredible benefits of digital marketing.

Enterprise Website Problem? Try the Drupal Solution

But whatever may be the problem, Drupal solution always has an answer for it. The most advanced open source content management system (CMS) in the world is revered for its capability, flexibility, performance and security. It is extremely versatile, and can develop any type of website imaginable. Here are a few issues that businesses usually tackle while building a website or with their existing website, and how Drupal handles them.

Volatile and Bulky Content

Drupal can handle literally voluminous amounts of data very easily. It is meant to add, delete, or edit any amount of data without any limit on the number of times it can be done, and handles them very efficiently. This includes all text and multimedia content, their storage, archival and retrieval. If your website will have a moderate to large amount of content added, removed or edited on a frequent basis, then there can be no better CMS than this.

Huge Number of Visitors

Many content management systems reel under the pressure of a large number of visitors on the website. Though this mainly depends on the web hosting and the bandwidth that the website has got, it also depends on how efficient the CMS of the website is at managing large chunks of traffic. This is performance-related and includes load time of the web pages, rendering of the website content, etc. If your website will see a large number of visitors, then go for Drupal solution to enhance their experience.

Security Issues

This is probably the major concern of enterprise website owners. However, Drupal manages it perfectly and protects website against all types of external threats, malware and virus attacks, and security breaches. Its robust architecture prevents unauthorized access. You can set strictly varying levels of access for different website administrators to ensure that power never goes in the wrong hands.

Website Quality Concerns

A good website draws more unique and relevant visitors. This includes a good layout, fonts, design, use of colors, and link placement. Thanks to the huge repository that it offers, you can choose from many website templates to make your website attractive and visually appealing and then customize it to make it stand out. You can also use many modules and extensions to make the website interactive and intuitive and to aid in browsing and navigation. Above all, it gives you complete freedom to customize any component, including the modules, the templates, the links and the design. Try doing that in Joomla.

Scalability Problems

Drupal is scalable at any point in time of its operation. You can upgrade the hosting plan, the bandwidth, the website space, and can make it suitable for more content and more visitors at any time. This is what makes it a winning CMS.

Choose Drupal solution to give your website the website that it really deserves and a long term solution to your business.

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