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319- 10 Things to Consider When Making a Promo Video

Making a promotional video is a great way to get your company name and image out there. Of course, you aren't the only one making a promo video, so you have to make sure yours stands out in a crowd. You want a video that is great and that really highlights the best of what you are about. Here are ten tips to help you achieve that.

10 Things to Consider When Making a Promo Video

Stick to a Script

Writing a great script is one of the most crucial elements of creating a promotional video. Make sure your script is concise, informative and entertaining, so that viewers feel engaged.

Get to Know Your Audience

Who are you targeting with your video? Is it twenty-somethings? CEOs? Music producers? Whoever you are targeting, you want a video that they will want to watch and take action on, so get to know what makes them tick. Ask questions and create a video tailored to your target demographic.

Stick to the Point

Figure out what message you want to convey to your viewers and create a script around your main point. It will keep you on track and will make for a much more engaging video with a clear message.

Insert a Call to Action

Your video is not going to do much if you forget this step. What do you want viewers to do? Whether it is to call you, visit your website, or follow you on Twitter, don't forget to mention it in your video. A good call to action is your ticket to a good return on investment for your video.

Stick to a Style

Decide whether you want your video to be funny, serious, lighthearted, etc. before writing your script and stick to it. The tone of your video should match your script and should be in line with your business or personal brand as well as appeal to your audience. Do you want a video full of testimonials, one that explains your company, or something else entirely?

Make It Look Professional

You want promotional video production that looks professional and helps your company stand out. That means putting down the cheap camera and letting go of the idea of using just the overhead lights and your cell phone. You don't have to bust your budget, but some professional elements will go a long way.

Consider High Definition

Even YouTube is in HD these days, and Internet and traditional viewers alike expect a video with some visual style. Your video simply has to be visually appealing in order to have a positive impact.

Do Some Research

Do a little bit of research before starting promotional video production. Find out what your competitors are doing and what trends are working in the industry right now. It can give you a real edge.

Do More Research When You Finish

When your video is done, show it to others. They can be colleagues, family members, or friends, but choose people who will give an honest opinion or advice. Any feedback is good feedback.

Act Like Your Brand Is on the Line

Act like the success or failure of your brand is on the line, because it is. Your video can make or break you, and you want to put out your very best work.

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