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178- What You Need for a Good Business Website That Can Increase Sales

What You Need for a Good Business Website That Can Increase Sales

What You Need for a Good Business Website That Can Increase Sales

In today's world, it is essential that every successful business have a high-quality website. Except for very large companies that own or lease their own servers, the first step is to select an ISP or internet service provider to host the site. In today's competitive market prices are quite reasonable, so other than cost, what other considerations are important when selecting a host?

Speed is critical. Studies have shown that most users have very little patience with pages that are slow to load and tend to click away. This is bad for the bounce rate which is a huge consideration when it comes to website ranking. In the business world that means lost customers and revenue. Any prospective host will give these metrics on request. Other sites such as can give more metrics on other sites hosted at the ISP which will send a ballpark idea.

Another important thing to research is which services the host provides. Will they build the site for a reasonable fee? This is a key consideration for businesses that don't have developers on staff with skills in page design, graphics manipulation, and a working knowledge of SEO (search engine optimization). SEO is key for new sites because it drives traffic which in turn means potential revenue.

Although not essential, it is a good idea to consider social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Placing buttons from these sites on each page not only encourages viewer interaction, bit it also drives more traffic and goes further towards getting the attention of the major search engines. When competitors have a strong presence in the social media world, would it be wise to disregard this piece of the pie?

A huge mistake many start-ups make is selecting a poor name for their site. As far as search engines are concerned, a descriptive title is just as important (and in many cases more important) as keywords placed on the pages. As a general rule, if the company name is descriptive with regards to the services provided, this is an ideal choice. As far as the extension is concerned, .com remains the best choice followed by .net. Why? Because viewers are most likely to search with one of these if they include it. The .org extension is best left to non-profits, schools, churches, etc.

It's no surprise that company email newsletters can give any business an edge over competitors. A newsletter can alert existing customers to sales or new content. At the very least it will remind customers of the company brand and give to client retention. It's a good policy to include an entry form on at least the landing page for viewers to sign up. At a minimum the form should collect an email address and a name. How often should the newsletter go out? Weekly is a good rate; more often than that and a business runs the risk of looking like a pest.

Every business should have an internet presence but it is critical to success to set it up properly. Following the tips outlined above will go a long way to getting it right the first time.

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