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210- The Online Store, a Legitimate Home Based Job

The Online Store, a Legitimate Home Based Job

The Online Store, a Legitimate Home Based Job

In this day and age with the internet continuously spreading its influence in every nook and cranny like the most welcome of digital plagues, it's almost impossible to find something you cannot do online. Everything seems to be just a click away and we find ourselves elbows deep in the sea of information technology that has managed to seep into our physical realm by the ways of electronic commerce.

Fancy words aside, with the current development of technology and the ever present influence of the internet, we find ourselves with more and more options to acquire a source of income. You can find or even start a proper, legitimate home based job if you wish. You can sell a myriad of online content such as your own music and movies, offer your services in whatever field that is relevant to your skill set or even set up a shop to sell your wares. That's right; it seems the old business adage of "Location, location, location" has become a tad bit obsolete.

An online store's main advantages over having a physical establishment are the absence of rent and a ready and easy channel to reach possibly millions of customers anywhere. We all know that sometimes we just can't be bothered to get out of our most comfortable pair of sweatpants to go out of the house and meet the rest of the world. Let's discuss the steps on how to set up and start your own shop.

Know what you want to sell. Before you go ahead sell your wares, first establish what it will be. Do you plan on selling just a certain item or a wide variety of products? Are you going to cater to a specific niche or are you targeting a wider demographic? Will you have multiples of an item or will you be selling multiple one-of-a-kind intricately hand crafted items? If you plan on creating the product yourself, ensure that you keep up with the demand and find a reliable supplier. On the other hand if you're going to sell pre-made items, do your research and find a good manufacturer that relatively within reach.

Know your market. Now that you have something to sell, figure out who you're selling to. Establish yourself from the competition and make the customers see that they're making the right choice by choosing your product over their other options. Be original or at the very least be creative. The more able you are to pique their curiosity the better your chances are at making a sale. Offer the best quality at competitive prices.

Establish a user-friendly purchasing process. It's virtually impossible to offer at is not at least similar to something else that your competitors may offer and in that sense you might as well offer something more than just your product. The feeling of ease. If you're planning to sell your items on your own website, make sure that the items are well organized so that your potential buyers will not have a hard time navigating themselves to find the item they desire. If you're going to use a third party site like eBay or Etsy, at least provide good if not great customer service by being responsive to queries and such.

Advertise. Every online store like any other legitimate home based job or business venture for that matter will flounder if you don't manage to promote it well. Make the most of the available media channels as they will be your most important platforms due to ease of access and wide coverage. Create an account in Facebook for your store or items and post regularly while encouraging people to "like" and "share" your page. 

As such you may use special promotions like discounts or a small freebie as an incentive for those who choose to participate. You may also create accounts in Twitter and Instagram as they link up with Facebook for a wider possible market. Ensure that you keep your account active by keeping it up to date with your latest deals and other promotions. Another advertising option is with prominent bloggers in your chosen market as they tend to have quite an influence with their following.

Be secure. Even a legitimate home based job like an online store is not completely safe from malicious activities. If you do choose to sell your items on your personal website, look into security options for password and virus protection software and firewalls for initial protection. Always have a contingency plan ready in the event of a worst case scenario like having a back up for all your data.

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