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218- The Invisible Entry Alert Beam - Helping Small Businesses Grow

The Invisible Entry Alert Beam - Helping Small Businesses Grow

The Invisible Entry Alert Beam - Helping Small Businesses Grow

The owners of small stores need to work harder in a smarter way for being successful in the present day retail market. Simply put, it means they should get paid for all their efforts, and they need to provide their clients with a first class experience. Often, it is not very easy to achieve all that, yet certain ways can help small businesses to meet their goals.

A major problem with small businesses is ensuring doing all the necessary things. A number of stores would simply love having a worker that could sort out the goods at the rear of the store, and also undertake some clerical duties, with another worker occupying the front of their store for offering the much-needed services to customers. However, there are many small businesses that can ill afford to hire two workers, and there is always the need to have someone at the front of the store.

This means that the secretarial tasks can't be completed unless the owner is willing to pay extra to the lone worker. This is usually done through overtime wages for working beyond office hours and completing all the tasks. Some workers may be pleased at the idea of making some extra money by working overtime, but others may not find it worthwhile to put in the extra hours of work. That is when the installation of an invisible entry alert beam can help the business by informing the worker whenever a customer walks in the store.

What is an invisible entry alert beam?

An invisible entry alert beam system, also known as a motion focused system, is usually located at the entrance of the store. Its main function is to send a signal to the employee whenever anybody enters the store. The signal can be in the form of a chime or any audio signal through the intercom installed at the rear of the office. The main benefit to the business is the fact that the employee can continue working in the rear of the office and also greet the customers visiting the store.

Imagine the kind of customer service a storeowner can provide when installing this system. The customer gets highly impressed and feels honored that their presence at the store prompted a worker to stop doing the job at hand and come to the front of the store to greet them personally. It surely goes a long way in developing a long-lasting relationship with the customers.

Another very helpful feature of the invisible entry alert beam is the fact that these products are available in many models, for different budgets. You can get a simple and effective system that can easily be installed at the entrance to your store. When the budget allows it, you may install a technically advanced system that offers additional advantages, like not using any electrical wires, or connecting the system to the intercom. Any small business owner will be glad of having invested in one such system.

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