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195- Selling On ClickBank Successfully And Getting Traffic

Selling On ClickBank Successfully And Getting Traffic

Selling On ClickBank Successfully And Getting Traffic

ClickBank is a great place to get started off with if you've never sold anything at all. ClickBank resolves a lot of problems that beginners have when they get started online. Because of this, many people want to go online and start their own home business, thinking that they will get rich overnight.

Unfortunately this is not the case. Like anything in life that sounds too grand, hard work comes first. But you don't have to necessarily work "hard" - you just have to work SMART. And that's the beauty of ClickBank. They've done all the hard work for you. You're main task is to simply drive traffic to the offer, and wait for commissions to come in. Plain and simple.

But do you know how to drive traffic to a ClickBank affiliate offer? If not, then you will want to read the rest of this lesson. Driving is incredibly easy. I mean hey, what do people say when you tell them that you want to start a business? If you go down to the local "SCORE" chapter in your area... the business coach will ask you, "Where do you plan on advertising?"

Plain and simple - advertising (paid advertising that is). Now depending on the offer that you're promoting, you will have to do your niche research as to what the top traffic sites are in your niche. Most of these sites will have slots for advertising on their site. If they do, and if you're promoting a high commission Clickbank product... advertise on one of these sites, and lead your prospect into a good sales funnel.

This will almost be the most effective solution for you. Most people advise that you lead people to a "lead capture" page to collect a prospect's contact information so that you can follow up on them with informative emails - that are intended to promote and sell the product that you are marketing.

Sounds simple right? Well it is, but most new people make the process incredibly difficult. They want to come up with their "brand new" way of marketing, instead of sticking to what works, and sticking to what will always work. So if you want success with ClickBank, this is what you will have to do.

Alongside paid advertising, you will want to do some free marketing too. These days, YouTube is quickly becoming one of the best ways to drive tons of free traffic to your site. You should think of it as a search engine. In fact, some people like to say that it's the second biggest search engine behind Google.

No matter what the opinion is, you will want to do some YouTube marketing. Approach it in the same way that you would approach search engine optimization. Optimize around a particular keyword, make a good video about it, get some high quality back links to it, make it "active" by letting people leave comments, participate on other similar videos in your market - and offer a video response. It's a very simple process.

If you want to succeed with ClickBank, learn as much as you can, stick with the information that I have given you in this lesson here today. Good luck with selling products from ClickBank!

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