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173- Reasons Why The Issue Of Data Security Is A Major Concern Especially In This Day And Age

Reasons Why The Issue Of Data Security Is A Major Concern Especially In This Day And Age

Reasons Why The Issue Of Data Security Is A Major Concern Especially In This Day And Age

These days, people and companies place a lot of emphasis on protecting their data, since they are aware that the slightest breach in security can lead to losses that the companies or the individuals cannot, or are not, ready to handle. The secrets behind the success of most companies are just that - secrets, and if such secrets were to be made public, then there would not only be renewed zeal and ammunition on the competitors' front, but the company would lose morale, especially if the data would paint the company in a way that would encourage the investors to shy off.

Some of the reasons why most companies and data collection agencies would prefer to hold their data close and only release what has been prepared adequately for the public eye includes the following:

1. There is a rapid growth in data collection and output

Thanks to the Internet and computers of different sizes and functions, it is quite easy and convenient to collect data. Unlike in the past where surveys were a headache to conduct, not to mention expensive, these days, online surveys can be conducted within short periods of time, not to mention the affordability of the process. Furthermore, almost 90% of all data in most companies has not been in existence for more than two years.

2. Public data management can be questionable

Most governments spend millions of dollars annually collecting data that is supposed to help with coming up with policies, as well as implementing them. The problem is that most of the information that is gathered is not always put to good use, or any use for that matter, and if the data was to fall in the wrong hands, then a lot of heat would result from that. People would ask questions that officials would find hard answering, and chaos would most likely erupt.

3. Data security and management policies

For companies that depend on investors, public trust, international clients, and governments for the smooth running of their operations, the major stakeholders require that such companies embrace policies that protect their data from sources that do not originate from within.

The reasons for such policies include the protection of the companies from prosecution, in the event that some information about members is shared without their knowledge or permission, or loss of clients and funding, owing to any areas that the public or even any professional bodies might perceive to be contradictory to company policy or government directive.

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