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193- Qualities And Tools For Affiliate Marketing

Qualities And Tools For Affiliate Marketing

Qualities And Tools For Affiliate Marketing

For those of you thinking about taking up Affiliate Marketing, I'd like to give you some thoughts and ideas that will help you along the way, in your journey to become an efficient affiliate marketer. To that end, getting to know the qualities and tools for affiliate marketing is what you are going to know as you read on.

One of the first things to dispel about the Internet, is this notion that to do affiliate marketing does not require much work. That is what they tell you those who insist only half an hour a day is needed to succeed online in this line of business.

It is true that once you know how to set up a campaign, the process gets easier every time you set up another. But there is quite a lot of work to get everything done and working together nicely. And then, the question of getting traffic to the set up requires organized effort and practices that take time to implement and get right.

The qualities needed for successful affiliate marketing are diverse but I am going to resume them to three or for basic requirements. Starting with clarity of what really is affiliate marketing will help you a lot. At its simplest terms, it means campaigning to promote products and services that vendors have online advertised in the Affiliate Networks.

It is a relationship between a vendor who sells products and you, the affiliate marketer who, after getting approval as an affiliate, are allowed to get prospects to the vendor's sales funnel and when they buy a product or service, you get paid a determined percentage of that sale.

Becoming an affiliate is free usually and not only that, the vendor more often than not will help you doing the pre-selling with a variety of tools to make your job much easier. Some affiliate networks will require a small payment from you to carry out your affiliate work, but in return your commissions are paid on a 100% basis and offer you specialized training too.

There are quite a few networks that pay 100 % commissions and also individual vendors too. I have heard of vendors who at times pay 200 % commissions as well. So it is best to keep informed about the affiliate market place and take these opportunities when they come along.

Empower Network pays 100% commissions and have great training for their affiliates so does another good website called Pure Leverage, again paying 100 % commissions to their affiliates with great tools offered at the same time. Both networks charge £25/month for their blogging platforms, which can be accessed immediately after joining in. They both have a $20/month charge for those 100% commissions to be paid when the sales are made, straight into your bank account.

So the vendors and the affiliate networks, give you an affiliate link, which you use to promote products and services that you choose from their lists. In the case of places like Clickbank and JVZoo for instance, they offer you a lot of information of what they have. How many products they sell, how often, what % they pay, how many affiliates are selling what etc.

You can promote these products in different ways like writing articles to include the links in them, by writing solo-ads, or using PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns for you to get a commission when your prospects go to the vendors' site. There is also PPS (Pay Per Sale) when you will get paid every time your prospect actually buys the product you promote. You can also get paid for leads that you provide the vendor (pay per lead or PPL) with this being a much smaller % of course, around 7% to 10% while PPS can get you anything from 20% to 75% normally, sometimes 100% and more.

But there are more payments that you get as an affiliate marketer like in the case of two-tier affiliate programs. If you recommend other affiliates to the merchant and they sign in, you would get a percentage of their earnings as well in addition to yours.

What qualities are needed to accomplish all these commissions? The first one is starting with a special mindset for business. Is not true that this is that easy, believe me you will be required to go over many obstacles in the way to success. You will be tried to the limit. It is not coincidence that so many people quit when trying to make money online.

Which means the second great quality you need is an ability to learn and gain clarity on marketing. There is great psychology in marketing and for those who get it, their success is almost guaranteed, if other qualities needed are mastered as well. You have also the asset of time and effort too, if not, you have to develop them because these are required as well.

Time is only a finite asset and once is gone that is it, you cannot get it back. So you need to generate more time by getting efficient in its use or by escalating the efforts of others with whom you work with. Learn to delegate simple tasks to providers who do them much cheaper and efficiently than you.

Of course I have to tell you about another important quality and you may have thought of it already: 'Discipline'. What can any of us do without it? And 'determination' too, since you are not going far without it. Also required is 'belief' or, how are you going to make it without self-belief? And optimism too, being positive is a great quality to have.

About the tools you need for affiliate marketing, there are quite a few, but really you must concentrate in the most important one which is getting a blog, and then creating a list of subscribers to make a relationship with, in order to help them solve their problems online.

From your website, you will be in a great position to promote the products and services that you are interested in and know that your prospects want. Make your website targeted to your audience and helpful plus friendly. All your marketing efforts will spring from that virtual real estate online, providing a blog that feeds your readers and visitors in real time.

Encourage your visitors to come for more with incentives and free offers, lots of content to help them achieve more and to solve their worries and problems. Use opt-in pages to gather subscribers with whom you can build a great relationship online.

Create or get done some freebies using places like, or so you can entice your prospects to become your subscribers and in the future your customers. Believe me, it is worth it! If you build a big enough list, it can provide you with a lot of revenue in the future.

Finally, get interaction with other blogs online, get links, back links to your blog. Google loves blogs that have a lot of web-traffic so do yourself a favor and attract as many visitors as you can. Use ads, articles, squidoo, hub-pages, reports, reviews, newspaper ads, magazine ads, do all you can to grow your traffic, in fact now that is the word you must concentrate on: 'Traffic', get lots of it and you will succeed with Affiliate Marketing.

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