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188- Popular Website Hosting Options

Popular Website Hosting Options

Popular Website Hosting Options

If you want to have a successful online business, you need to have a good quality web hosting plan. If you are unsure of the right hosting for you, here are some popular options to choose from:

Shared website hosting

This is also called virtual hosting. It's characterized by multiple websites that are hosted on one server. With this option, the company provides storage space for user files. The company also maintains the server and provides the needed technical support.

Since this option is shared, it means that the resources are shared which makes it cost effective compared to other options. This option also ensures that the users are able to benefit from the expertise of the highly professional technical support team working for the hosting company.

Since everything is done by the company's technical team, you don't have to worry of configuring or maintaining the server. In case there is a problem with the server, you only need to call the company and it will rectify the problem for you.

Although, this option is ideal for many users, it's not right for everyone. For example, this option is not ideal for those with advanced technical know-how.

This is because people with advanced skills tend to like having full control of their servers and websites; therefore, when the control of the server is in the hands of the company, these people tend to feel violated.

This option is also not ideal for people with extremely active websites. This is because busy websites tend to require more server resources which are not provided by the shared website hosting.

Dedicated hosting

In this option, the server is entirely devoted to your site; therefore, you have more server resources. Since more resources are available, this option tends to be expensive. Although, it's expensive, this option allows you full control of the server; therefore, you are able to manage all the aspects of your site.

Since many resources are available, this option is ideal for people with active websites. This option is also ideal for technically savvy people who like having full control of their websites and servers.

Although, this option gives you full control of the server, you have to ensure that your server is reliable, stable and well maintained. This calls for you to keep a keen eye on the server. Keeping a constant eye on the server usually requires plenty of time and effort which can be hard for many people.

Virtual private server hosting

This option is a cross between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. The option is characterized by a dedicated server that is shared by multiple users. Although, different users share the server resources, the server space is usually strictly divided into given portions so that each portion is dedicated to a given website.

One advantage of this option is that it allows you to have control of a dedicated server without investing a lot of money.

While this option is cost effective, its main flaw is that the provided resources are usually limited. This means that if your site receives large traffic and requires more resources, the resources won't be available to you thus you will be required to seek other hosting plans.


These are the most common hosting options available to you. Before you settle on a given option, you should first thoroughly analyze its pros and cons.

You should also ensure that you purchase a given hosting plan from a reputable company that won't rip you off. Review sites are one of the great places that you should visit to determine whether a given company is reputable or not.

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