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223- Picking the Best Domain Name

Picking the Best Domain Name

Picking the Best Domain Name

So you've decided to start a website. That's great! Now, what are you going to call it? All the good .coms have been scooped up and everyone knows that a .com domain name is the best. 

Right? Kind of. The .com extension actually stands for commercial... the only reason it's such a popular domain extension is because back when the internet was growing in leaps and bounds everyone and their brother was registering as a .com. This gave the extension more familiarity as it's the one people always heard.

Today, the .com extension is still great, but it's not essential. As people are becoming more and more internet savvy, it's not going to hurt to have a .us, a .org, or a .info domain extension if that's what it takes to get the perfect domain name.

However, there is more to consider when picking a great domain than just your business name with an extension. You want something that will help you out in the search engine rankings. With that in mind, I recommend that you order at least two domains when starting a new site. 

The first domain can be anything you like. Your business name, your organization name, or whatever your personal needs might be. You can make it a .com or any other extension. This is the domain that represents your brand name and should be the main URL leading to your site.

The second domain... now this is where you're gonna learn something neat. The second domain, and any other extras you might want, should be based on a long tail keyword combination that is related to your site's purpose and has a high monthly search volume with low competition.

For this domain you will need to do about 15-30 minutes of research using either Google's Keyword Planner or the keyword tool located in the resource box below.

Both tools are free and they are totally invaluable to a person looking to drive traffic to a new and unestablished site.

Let's say your website is for a business that sells a variety of products for training dogs. Your business name is Super Star Dog Training Supplies. This domain should be available so you register superstardogtrainingsupplies.com

Great! You have the key phrase "dog training supplies" in your domain and that's going to help, but there's also a lot of competition for that phrase so you're going to need to do some research now. Go ahead and visit the wordtracker.com site and let's see what we can see. When I enter "dog training supplies" I don't see much. Only 42 monthly searches for the term and a lot of competition. Let's see if there's something better. 

I entered a search for "dog care training" and this related long tail search phrase appeared with a monthly search volume of 1453... " dog family training insurance care pet"

Yes, it sounds odd, but there is no competition for that phrase and nearly 1500 people per month search for it. You can easily rank for this term and be pulling people searching for it to your site by just registering a domain using that phrase and pointing it to your main site. It's that simple.

Just register dogfamilytraininginsurancecarepet.com and set it to point to your main website. Pretty soon you will see an increase in traffic. If you have a blog, salt an article with that phrase in the title and you'll get even better results.

Do this with a few more domains and you'll soon have all the traffic you can handle... 
Now you just need to start building a list... but that's a topic for another article. Believe me though, with simple long tail domain names you can significantly increase the traffic to your site. It doesn't take long to do the research and the Return on Investment is definitely worth the time and price of an extra few domains.

Hopefully this advice will help you build a successful website and assist you when it comes time to pick a new domain name. If you're interested in learning more about online marketing and making money with your website there are tons of resources available on the topic. You can find them easily even if your Google-fu is weak.

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  1. Well ! Its really one of the informative article. Before selecting a domain name , you have to remember the following aspects :

    1. It should be short and easily memorable by the website visitors.
    2. Avoid hyphens in your domain name.
    3. Avoid punctuation marks.
    4. It should be in between 3-8 characters long.
    5. It should be related with your website content.
    6. Extensions are more essential for each and every domain name. So, choose a good domain name with nice extensions such as .com,.net,.org etc.

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