Wednesday, April 30, 2014

240- More Viral Traffic Generation To Flood Your Sites

More Viral Traffic Generation To Flood Your Sites

More Viral Traffic Generation To Flood Your Sites

Every time you have other people talking about the products that you promote or about your own material, what happens is a viral marketing process is taking place to get more viral traffic generation to flood your websites.

This so-called viral marketing is convenient to use as much as possible, because it is free for the most part, and it is very effective and quick to make an impact in your online business.

One of the best ways to advertise your services and products is by word of mouth; this is called 'viral advertising' because people spread the word about what you offer. Your customers' friends and family would be willing to visit your offers when they are referred by someone they know, love and trust.

And when you deliver on your promises of how your product serves the needs of your customers, these in turn can engage again in 'viral advertising' or creating in this way another viral traffic generation campaign for you. This is sweet and extremely quick and effective and something that you are going to encourage your prospects to do.

Imagine one of your new happy customers telling 2 people how good your site is, and those 2 telling another two each and so on for another 14 levels deep... Before long your number of visitors becomes tens of 1000s of visitors! Very powerful indeed!

If you create something interesting that sparkle peoples' imagination in the social networks, their comments spread online creating a lot of traffic to your websites. And you know what comes with many visitors... yes, a lot of interaction and more revenue with it, most likely.

I think you begin to see that 'word of mouth' or viral traffic marketing is something to really be into because people who otherwise would not have a clue about who you are, suddenly are visiting your site or sites and bringing revenue to your online funnel.

OK, so you need traffic to your websites, and as you know, traffic is key to generating more sales, and of course sales translate into money for you. The most important element of traffic is that it must be 'targeted' traffic, or traffic that will convert into buyers. Why just go after lots of clicks that don't convert?

Viral traffic generation techniques will assure your traffic is truly targeted for better conversions and therefore more money. You could place a script in your sites to tell a friend or 'send to a friend' the content that they just read from you.

And don't get mistaken into thinking viral traffic is only for the big players online, because if you have a message you want to put out there, you are perfectly qualified to make it go viral fast and with hardly any cost other than time. Once your message is in your site, it starts to spread especially if it is much targeted to a big audience.

The message can go against you as well if some customers start spreading their displeasure, but this is taken care of by the spam-free features of your websites, allowing you to concentrate only on the positive side of viral traffic marketing, to scale it further and thus bringing in more and more customers.

How you make your campaigns go viral, depends on your work ethic, your skills and your efforts of creativity. I doubt that there is a sure way method to make your news go viral online. Instead there is a combination of reasons that make this possible.

By continuing to lay down good foundations for success, preparing well with effort and perseverance you may just arrive at some unique way to get your message across to reach lots and lots of people. Is your campaign useful, entertaining, truthful, and unique? Has it wide appeal? Then it will get passed along and spread like wild fire.

Before this, I have mentioned ethical marketing briefly and yes, your reputation online is going to depend on the quality of your products, on how well they serve your customers, because when your customers are happy with your content, they will gladly pass on the word and the viral traffic effect begins.

Offer your prospects plenty of help with reviews, free audio, videos of useful tricks that help them out with their problems. Imagine how much good will all these info creates among your customers and the potential for viral traffic generation that this good will can make.

No doubt you have a blog right? It is from there that you can boost a lot of traffic to be generated simply by commenting about posts you read and placing links to certain sections in the posts, or by placing in your comments your URL link as well.

Use your blog to compel your visitor to stay around to read different pages and urge them to leave comments because this participation helps with viral traffic as well. This involvement also could help you make more revenue with your AdSense ads in your blog.

Creating eBooks, using the social networks, issuing press releases, asking for referrals and testimonials, getting RSS feeds provided for your visitors, back-links and many other techniques including even writing for other people's blogs are an array of things worthwhile doing to maximize your viral traffic generation efforts.

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