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174- Making Sure That You Are Fully Protected - Internet Security Software

Making Sure That You Are Fully Protected - Internet Security Software

Making Sure That You Are Fully Protected - Internet Security Software

Thanks to the Internet, we are living in a global village, and it is easy to have real-time interactions and business transactions with people thousands of miles away. An individual might be tempted to think that there are no risks involved when he or she is conducting his or her business online, but such thinking is misdirected. There are people who take advantage of unsuspecting individuals and they steal money from them or even taint the image of their businesses through hacking into classified business information and sharing it on the wrong forums.

When it comes to protecting your computer and the sensitive data that is in it, the first line of defence is using an antivirus. This is a program that constantly monitors your computer and helps to prevent harmful programs, downloads malware or anything else that can harm your computer in any way, from accessing it. There are many companies out there that manufacture different types of antivirus, and it is up to you to choose the one that you think will work best for you.

Since viruses are mainly found in the Windows Operating Systems, it is most advisable for people using this OS (Operating System) to have a functional and up to date antivirus. The reason for having it up to date is because there are new viruses that are created on a regular basis, and the updates that the program in the computer gets, helps to fight against these new viruses. The easiest way to update the virus is by accessing the Internet, since some will automatically update, while others will require that you follow the update procedure outlined in the user manual.

If you are not sure whether your antivirus updates itself automatically or on a regular basis, here is a guide as to how you can update it yourself, and remain safe:

1- When you access the Internet, your computer is supposed to show you that the antivirus is updating, and it is common to see the message at the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

2- If you discover that there is no sign of updating, access the control panel of the computer and prompt the antivirus to look for updates automatically.

3- Make sure to visit the website of your antivirus provider at least once or twice a week, such visits will educate you on the latest threats as well as the security advisories that are sure to keep your computer and its data safe from outsiders.

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