Wednesday, April 30, 2014

242- Make Me an Offer I Can't Refuse - Get the Job of Your Dreams

Don't just go for any job, go for the right job. When searching for a job look for jobs that you can be just the right person for. Your odds of getting and keeping the job will increase--as will your satisfaction with the job. Let me tell you how!

Make Me an Offer I Can't Refuse - Get the Job of Your Dreams

Time and time again I see people who have applied for just about any job that they could find. They waste tons of time. They play up parts of their past to make themselves 'look good' to an employer. They see employment and job searches as a numbers game: The more jobs they apply for the better their odds of landing a job, right? Wrong!

Employment is a long-term relationship. Let's compare it to another long term-relationship: Would you propose marriage to as many people as possible to increase your odds of marrying? No, of course not. You'd want to propose marriage to just one person--just the one right person.

When applying to a job be selective. Remember that your future employer will be selective too. Don't be a generalist, be a specialist--just be the right specialist.

People who succeed in landing just the right job usually have credentials that seem to uniquely fit the job. Many times those unique credentials will be an academic degree and some specialized experience. Employers tend to look for that specialized experience as time in a job similar to the one applied for. However, you may have that experience elsewhere. 

You might find that experience in volunteer positions, school, or in other positions. For example, an engineer wanting to work for John Deere designing tractors may have prior automotive experience which could be directly applied. A social worker directly out of college might have had experience volunteering with the underprivileged through a church outreach.

A second similarity to marriage is that long-term relationships require trust to be built. In a job search and in an interview, the relationship with an employer is being built. The higher the trust you can achieve with the employer, the higher your liklihood of getting the job.

So how do you build trust? You build trust by having a well thought out 'story' that hangs together. Your resume matches the job you are seeking, and the details of answers given in an interview are easily tied to entries on your resume. Of course the 'stories' that hang together best are true stories. Don't fictionalize your resume or answers to questions, but instead include the details that verify the story. 

Keep in mind that in the case of that social worker who worked with the underprivileged children, this might mean explaining her passion for helping people that ripples not just through work experience but through volunteering--where she learned a lot about her future field.

Finally, many people find themselves with restrictions that force them to apply for jobs that aren't the best match. The most common restriction is a need to stay in a geographic area, perhaps a spouse's job is a limiting factor. What should a person who faces a limitation to their job search do? It can be a personal choice of where to place the balance between work and home. 

But, remember that such limitations can work for you or against you. Even a limitation can be seen as an advantage. If geography is a limitation for you, consider working where this limitation may be an advantage. If you are local, you have connections within the community that can be an advantage. Similarly a need to stay local may make you a better candidate for a job where there is a long term focus.

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