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220- Looking After Notebooks - Top Tips To Ensure Optimum Performance

Looking After Notebooks - Top Tips To Ensure Optimum Performance

Looking After Notebooks - Top Tips To Ensure Optimum Performance

You might have bought your notebook on account of its portability, compactness and low power consumption. It enables you to do most types of work that a PC can do with the exception of certain heavy jobs that cause overloading and overheating. Notebooks tend to be more expensive than personal computers but they are very popular on account of their unique features. It is important to know how to use and maintain them properly in order to get optimum performance.

1. Avoid consuming food and drinks near your laptop. 

There are many electrical components that can get damaged badly if liquids fall on them. If a short circuit happens then the laptop can get damaged for good. Food can get stuck on your keyboard and affect it's functioning. Besides, this can lead to increased wear and tear. Your hands can become greasy from touching food and drink, causing additional damage to the keyboard.

2. Make sure that your antivirus software is up to date. 

This makes sure that your machine is protected from all the latest viruses so that your sensitive data is protected and the machine works well.

3. Avoid lifting the notebook by its screen or slamming it shut in order to protect the hinges that connect the display with the base. You should also avoid piling books, other laptops or any other heavy objects on your notebook because of this very reason. If the hinges break then the machine will not work properly.

4. Take care of your power cord in order to ensure good performance. Do not yank at it or drop it or else it will stop working over time.

5. Protect your notebook from extreme weather and temperature. 

Do not leave it outside the house where rain or even dew can collect on it. Keep it away from direct sunlight. Be especially careful about leaving it a car that's been parked out in the sun because high temperature can damage it. If your notebook has been out in extreme heat then you should avoid taking it into a cold room immediately in order to avoid the accumulation of condensation.

6. Do not use your notebook in a place that lacks ventilation because it can get damaged due to overheating. Using it placed flat on the bed can also cause overheating.

The above tips will benefit you in many ways. Some will help maintain your notebook's speed and others will reduce the need for repairs and maintenance.

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