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212- How to Make $75 an Hour As an Online Business Consultant (Without Breaking a Sweat)

How to Make $75 an Hour As an Online Business Consultant (Without Breaking a Sweat)

How to Make $75 an Hour As an Online Business Consultant (Without Breaking a Sweat)

Imagine what your life would look like if you could stop jumping from one marketing strategy to the next? Imagine how much more creativity, more content and more CONFIDENCE you would have if you had a simple, saleable skill that you could literally turn into perpetual piles of profit without breaking a sweat?

The truth is, if you are reading articles like this one, you probably already do.

The fact is, the VAST majority of online marketers fail to make money. They don't fail to make GREAT money... they fail to make ANY money at all.


Because many of us focus in the wrong places, and on the wrong processes to turn what we love, what we have PASSION for, into a profitable business.

For example, in my own business, the very FIRST money I ever earned was also the absolute easiest. (About 2K for selling a hyper local domain name with a simple WordPress blog - in a profitable real world niche, to an existing professional who had a practice in that field)

That followed months of trying just about every bright and shiny strategy under the sun, trying to sell ClickBank products to ebooks, to AdSense and just about every other approach in between.

Here are a few facts.

The average business coach, according to many independent studies, earns well over $150 an hour. (the ICF published a study just last year that was reprinted in many major newspapers that had the number at over $300/per hour)

In your LOCAL community, right now... there are tons of people who need help building BUZZ for their blog, brand and business. These are real people, with existing practices from design to dentistry, from credit counseling to clairvoyance, from accountants to aestheticians.

You can charge a flat hourly fee of $75... and be on the low end in our industry, or you can work on a contingency and earn a whole heck of a lot more as well.

All you need are a few clients who NEED what you know, and CAN'T do what you do, and your whole life can change in a jif.

You can build sites.

You can help them build relationships. (email marketing, social media marketing and otherwise)

You can help them create content.

You can help them raise money for their inspired ideas. (Crowdfunding consultants are HUGE right now)

You can do newsletter marketing. (using services like mailchimp to help your clients connect with THEIR communities)

You can build authority sites and sell ADVERTISING to your ideal audience.

You can build an authority site and write FEATURES on your ideal audience and charge big bucks for helping THEM build buzz for their brands... while building buzz for YOUR blog as well.

You can help them CREATE products and services. (this is a great opportunity for helping coaches and consultants CODIFY their content into a product, service or curriculum they can teach, preach, share or sell to their customers and clients)

You are only limited by your imagination and your inspiration.

The truth is, if you are struggling to sell something... I challenge you to BUILD something instead.

Stop chasing gimmicks and gurus.

They'll never get you where you want to be.


Build something LOCAL where you live, and around what you love. It's a much more meaningful way to not only build your own business, it's a much easier way to contribute to your community as well.

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