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216- Career Opportunities for CISSP ( Certified Information Systems Security Professional )

Career Opportunities for CISSP ( Certified Information Systems Security Professional )

Career Opportunities for CISSP ( Certified Information Systems Security Professional )

The industry is overwhelmed with a wide range of information security certifications. However, there has been a single certification which has lasted the test of time, not to mention remains to be on top. This certification is every single information security practitioners dream and is the CISSP. 

This certificate validates an IT security professional's commitment and many years of experience in the profession. The great thing about this license is that the need exceeds the supply. Organizations are consistently searching for proficient IT security experts with this qualification.

Despite having more than 70,000 active CISSP specialists around the world organizations are looking for more, this justifies the market demand. Certification is usually a component of professional advancement and corporations provide rewards to individuals that acquire them. In accordance with (ISC)2, there exists a need for two (2) million CISSP experts for the following three (3) years to complement the ever increasing requirement.

Compensation of CISSP in the Industry

Based on recent job and career websites, the normal salary for a CISSP specialist varies between $60K to $140K. Remarkably CISSP professionals make 20% more than the non CISSPs. 

Work experience is also an essential aspect taken into account while determining compensation. It normally requires a job experience of ten (10) years or more for specialists to earn the desirable six (6) figure income. This also depends on the type of industry hiring. Typically you can find a $14K variance between the certified compared to a non-certified and 10%, 20% on a worldwide average. 

Aside from the employability advantages, CISSPs emerge as affiliates of a special group. It is observed that main cities like San Francisco as well as Chicago in most cases offer higher compensation.

CISSP like any other certifications has also been a victim of critique. Despite of all the analysis and recommended alternatives, it has lasted the test of time and remains to be the evident certification for information security professionals.

Advantages of Being Certified

At this point, let us understand how the CISSP certification can help. Initially, it certifies you as a legitimate IT security specialist. It increases your reputation and qualifications. 

It will get you past the pre-screening procedure and qualifies you for the following round of interviews. Basically, CISSP certification provides you with an advantage over competitors. 

The need for cyber security experts continues to increase because of increasing computer threats. IT security may well be among the few markets where opportunity are ample and consequently fulfilling. There is an enormous small number of experienced professionals. There is definitely a great need for IT security professionals in the next few years with the advancement in technology.

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