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214- 7 Ways A Virtual Assistant Can Help Improve Your Customer Service

7 Ways A Virtual Assistant Can Help Improve Your Customer Service

7 Ways A Virtual Assistant Can Help Improve Your Customer Service

I love a good suspense story, so when the HBO series Boardwalk Empire aired I got hooked. For several months, I was glued to the TV on Sunday nights waiting in anticipation for Nucky Thompson, Chalky White, and Dr. Valentin Narcisse to perform a show stopping scene. Guess what, I was never disappointed.

The writers were always able to keep viewers captivated and eagerly coming back for the next episode.

That's how business owners should be with their customers. The business owner should offer a service or product that's memorable and will keep customers coming back for more.

It takes time to accurately access the needs of your customers, and if you're a busy business owner it's even more difficult when you're trying to build a successful company. To free up your time, this project can easily be delegated to a professional virtual assistant.

Here are 7 ways a Virtual Assistant can improve your business success and customer service:

#1. Surveys: To get an idea of what your customer's needs are a virtual assistant can create a series of surveys using, and email them to your past and present customers. Once responses are received the data can be presented to the owner in a report outlining the responses received from the customers. Of course, a list of suggestions can be included in the report to help the business owner access the information and make a decision on how to implement any necessary changes in customer service policies.

#2. Mailings: It's important for the company brand to stay in front of the customers. Once a month, the virtual assistant can be responsible for creating and maintaining a monthly newsletter, and oversee its mailing.

#3. Customer Loyalty: Implementing customer loyalty programs are very successful if implemented properly. Depending on what type of loyalty program the business owner would like to set up, the virtual assistant can help with implementing and monitoring the program. Some programs will require the owner to design a loyalty card that customers can use when they come into shop, or every month help set up a discount rewards program. A virtual assistant can design that card for the owner, or set up the program.

#4. Incentives for Referrals: With the implementation of a referral program the virtual assistant can ensure that the gift card, or voucher is mailed to the customer. Take a look at my post on how to generate referrals for your business.

#5. Birthday Cards: There's nothing like a personal touch to impress a customer. From data obtained from the company's database, the virtual assistant can make sure that a customer receives a birthday card once a year. An excellent program that can be used for this service is

#6. Phone Calls: Let's not forget the need to make follow up calls. A virtual assistant can make those calls to follow up with past customers, and just say hello to new customers thanking them for their business.

#7. Social Media Management: It's important to implement a social media plan that includes scheduled postings, and consistent engagement with potential customers on all of your social media platforms. It can be time consuming developing the right persona online, building your business brand, and consistently sharing information related to your industry. Let a virtual assistant handle this, too.

Now is time to reevaluate your company's customer service relationship to determine if you need to implement some of these changes.

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