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68- Why Is Linux Web Hosting Cheaper?

Why Is Linux Web Hosting Cheaper?

Why Is Linux Web Hosting Cheaper

For the past few years, there have been two major web hosting platforms in existence; Windows and Linux. Both of these platforms have their own pros and cons, and many computer experts would be willing to fight to the death over which solution is better. However, from a business point of view, it often seems that Linux web hosting services appear to be less expensive than Windows hosting ones. Whilst not all Linux hosting sites are able to offer the same low prices, here are some of the reasons why Linux web hosting can sometimes end up as the cheaper alternative.

1. Licensing Cost 

Because Windows is a big platform, they require you to pay licensing cost to use it. Linux is an open source platform and therefore Linux operating systems are free to use. However, this does not mean that Linux lacks the same speed, reliability and stability which are offered by Windows.

2. Reliability 

Many developers will be willing to argue that Linux hosts are far more reliable than Windows hosts are for the simple stuff. Windows hosts often have to spend more money on support, resources and tools which are needed to maintain the integrity of the servers. The cost of all of these things will be passed on to the user at the end of the process. Because Linux is open source, users have more freedom to create solutions which really work for every eventuality. A solution like Linux will require less complex support and will therefore cost less to run.

3. New competition 

Windows pretty much had a monopoly on all things well-known and computer-based until Apple came along to challenge them. Windows services recognise this dominance and are willing to capitalise on it. Whilst they do not actually have much of an advantage, many users perceive them to have an advantage, because they are a big brand name. Therefore Windows platforms charge more because they have the brand advantage.

4. Complexity of Platform 

Because Windows is such a common platform, it is the one which most technologists learn how to use first. This means that there is an abundance of people using it, and it has become far more commercialised. Linux developed as a shared platform and therefore the costs involved can often be much cheaper. As it is an open source platform, people who learn how to use Linux have far more freedom of control and can therefore expand their limits more.

In many cases, Linux web hosting offers a cheaper alternative to Windows web hosting. Consider Linux web hosting to save money.

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