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120- Viral Marketing - What Is It And How To Use It In Your Marketing

Viral Marketing - What Is It And How To Use It In Your Marketing

Viral Marketing - What Is It And How To Use It In Your Marketing

In order to let people know about your online business, you have to let them know about your site. Now, are you, yourself, going to be able to let everyone on the Internet know about your site?

The obvious answer is "no!" Think about it: You could spend twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year promoting your site, and you still would barely scratch the surface of the people who are online. "So, what can I do?" you ask.

Well, the best way to get word of your site out there is to utilize viral marketing.

Viral marketing is where you create an ebook (though it can also be a software program) that contains links to your site. You then allow others to download the ebook or software program (for free, usually) and give it away to others.

The reason why it's called "viral marketing" is because, once your ebook or software program is spread around, it can keep going and going, much like how a virus is spread from person to person or animal to animal.

Of course, the ebook or software program must contain quality information or provide a useful application in order to convince other people to pass it to other people they meet (such as their subscribers, members of forums they belong to, social media friends and followers, etc.).

The idea behind this strategy is that, if these people like the information or the application you provide, they will likely visit your website via the links inside to learn more about you and your business, as well as to gain more quality content and useful applications.

This means that they will be more likely to purchase your products and services because, if you were willing to give away quality free content, their mindset will be that your paid content has to be even better. This can be a very powerful mindset to convince people to see you as an expert in your niche and to purchase your offers.

In order for viral marketing to be effective for your business, you have to spread the news that your ebook or software program is free and that others can pass it along for free as well.

Therefore, you should provide the link to download it via your emails to your subscribers, posting it on your social media accounts, posting it in your signature files on online forums and in your articles, advertising it in your online newsletter, and more.

You should also post the book or software program itself on document-sharing sites, along with a mention that they can pass it along to others for free; this way, people can download it and spread it around.

With any luck, those who download it will find it useful to where they will want to share it via the methods mentioned above as well.

This is the "viral" effect that can make viral marketing so powerful. This is how you can get many more people to learn about your business and the products/services it provides, and you can do it without spending a penny.

As you can see, viral marketing can be a powerful, free way to gain targeted traffic to your website. The key is creating an ebook or software program that has useful content or a useful application and that has links back to your website within the ebook or program.

You then announce it to your friends, followers, subscribers, and more, along with their ability to pass it along after they have downloaded it for free. This will help to create the viral effect that will spread your website links across the Internet, where more and more people will come to your website and become subscribers to your list and customers of your products/services.

By creating a useful ebook or software program and enabling people to download it for free and give it to others for free, you can utilize the power of viral marketing to help increase the reputation and profitability of your online business.

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