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153- Top Tips for Recruiting on LinkedIn

Top Tips for Recruiting on LinkedIn

Top Tips for Recruiting on LinkedIn

Company Profile

The first step is, of course, to create a LinkedIn Company Profile and:

Keep the profile updated.

Share product/ service information.

Link the profile to the company blog/ Website/ other social media pages.

Showcase employees and testimonials.

Routinely post engaging, relevant content for followers (articles, blog posts, pictures and videos).

Naturally, it is vital to highlight career opportunities using the relevant section provided by LinkedIn for this purpose. Encouraging potential talent to follow you and allowing them to apply directly through/ from your profile is also highly effective.

Screening/ Verifying Candidates

By allowing candidates to highlight their general influence, experience and connections within their industry, as well as, of course, their skills and resume, LinkedIn makes it possible for you to get a fuller picture of potential candidates' capabilities than through a simple job application, resume and/ or short personal introduction.

The ability to see candidates' recommendations and endorsements; prior experience, education and interests enables effective screening/ verification of their capabilities and credentials.

Viewing groups they are involved in and their participation therein provides you with an insight into their online influence, passion and skill levels, while viewing their connections reveals just how well they are connected within the industry and may present you with a common connection able to tell you more about them.

Reaching Candidates

Candidates can be reached using several different methods, including job postings, sponsored jobs and InMail (internal LikedIn inbox).

Job Postings - You can post jobs formally on LinkedIn by paying the relevant fee or post them informally (no cost) through status updates and within applicable groups.

Sponsored Jobs - This involves bidding for top placement within the 'Jobs you may be interested in' section of the LinkedIn home page and typically gets more attention than other options. Your job opportunity will also appear in likely candidates' e-mail boxes.

InMail - This enables you to exchange private messages with potential candidates, as well as enabling you to ask for assistance in finding qualified candidates from selected professionals and/ or others within your network.

Other effective Recruiting Methods

Additional methods of effectively recruiting through LinkedIn include:

Drawing attention to your company/ career opportunities by regularly participating in groups and posting status updates.

Using the Q & A section to establish relationships and identify potential influencers/ candidates.

Accessing employee-networks to source referrals/ possible candidates.

Using LinkedIn's advanced search capabilities to search for talent.

Targeting passive candidates.

Recruiting for industry-specific professionals.

Measuring your Success

By monitoring your recruiting efforts' success; where candidates come from and more, you can gain valuable insights into which efforts work best for you and tailor future recruitment campaigns accordingly, optimising your chances of getting the right people for your company in the process.

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