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93- Strong Future International - The Facts

Strong Future International - The Facts

Strong Future International - The Facts

This company is better known by the first letter of the three words that you see in the title. The sad fact is that because this Internet Marketing Home Business has blossomed into such a huge global success that it is picked up wrongly by some email service providers as spam. I have deliberately not used the abbreviation here because I want you to know the facts without this article being blocked or misread by search engines.

Regular visitors to this site will know that I only recommend business's that are proven and which I have used myself and this is entirely my own opinion so I will lay out the pro's and con's later and let you decide for yourself.


The company goes back to 1998 and was launched in it's present form in 2003 by Gery Carson who is the president and CEO to this day.

This is the ultimate Internet home-based business. I have been with them for seven years but have only re-discovered the opportunity and worked at it for the last three. I have reached a stage now that not only do I now earn a good residual income but I have also expanded my Internet marketing knowledge base by leaps and bounds.

When you sign up, you are joining a worldwide family of people all interested in running a successful business on the Internet. There is a first class member's forum where you can get answers to literally any questions 24 hours a day (unlike a lot of forums). An added bonus is that Gery Carson himself is active in the forum every day, how many companies do you know where you can ask questions directly to the CEO.

The company is essentially founded on the principle that active members will build and support a team of like-minded affiliates who are enthusiastic and want to make money (that's all of us right?).

When you join you are immediately allocated to the sponsor who introduced you to the opportunity. All promotional tools such as banners, splash pages, classified ads, emails flyers etc. etc are all coded with your own affiliate number so that all members who sign up under you will have done so via one of these methods which immediately tells the organisation to slot them in to your downline. Don't worry if you are not into teams and downline support and all that because once you register then you can proceed on your own speed, as fast or as slow as you like, there is no pressure.

That said, if you need help then the person who sponsored you is easily contactable through the company network. This is your first contact for assistance should you need it but there is no reason whatsoever to contact your sponsor if you don't want to. Why?, simply because the primary motivation to make money comes from within yourself and everything that you need has already been written so all you have to do is follow the training.

When I introduce someone to an Internet Marketing business as successful as this, i use a pre-written letter supplied by the company to say hello and offer my assistance. You can reword this any way you like but I think it's always nice to say hello, tell them who you are and let them decide where to go from there.

When you register, you are walked through every single part of the process from free advertising methods through to more advanced ways to market your business. Your first task is to follow what is called the Launchpad which is set up to help you to gain what are called 'Versapoints'. The whole business revolves around the number of VP's you earn each month.

For Example:- From affiliate level, your first goal is to get to executive affiliate or 'EA' and to get there you need 1,500 VP's. The easy way and the way a lot of people do this (including me) is to set up a standing order for say the 'IAHBE' at $29.95 which stands for International Association of Home Based Entrepreneurs and is a monthly training resource that gives guidance to all affiliates around the world.

Whether you choose to read the IAHBE or not is up to you, the main thing is that this standing order earns you 1500 VP's every month without doing anything.

Why is this important, quite simply because you absolutely 'MUST' maintain EA status every single month because the residual payments and the real money from your activities and those of your downline depend on this. 
Don't let this worry you because if you work hard and take in what you read and duplicate what you have learned you will start to see that your earnings from the system will be more than your standing order payment. SFI just deduct this from your earnings and the rest is profit. When you get to this stage the whole enterprise is costing you nothing.

The reason I recommend a standing order is that if for some reason your activities don't come to 1500 VP's or maybe you are ill or on holiday or are unable to work then don't worry because the S/O will then kick back in and your EA status is protected.

Company Focus

Without over complicating this I will just say that the company operate what they call a TripleClicks Store. What happens here is that anyone from anywhere in the world including yourself or any of your team can buy or sell anything 24 hours a day and when they do that, you earn a commission and lots of the products also carry VP's.

Again, don't worry, because living in the UK, I am not too bothered about the practicalities of buying and selling goods to and from the other side of the world but you can if you wish. What I do and what I have always done is to introduce the benefits to new affiliates who sign up under me and if they buy anything including say a IHABE subscription or a product then I get a commission from that as well. There is no limit to how many affiliates you can enlist under you and every one of them is a potential gold mine to you. You are given literally hundreds of marketing aids to explain and assist your business.

When I say a business, that is exactly what it is, an Internet Marketing business and you must have that mindset when you start. Treat it as any other business but believe me it does not require rocket science to do this. When I started, I was doing pretty good to send and receive emails!!.

What this system isn't is a get rich quick scheme and you must expect to work hard for at least 6 months until you grow your team (and your profits). If you do this then you will naturally progress to Team Leader level right up to Platinum level and the higher you go, the more rewards the company give you and there are a lot of people earning very handsome pay cheques every month.


The support and the resource materials are the best I have ever seen on the Internet. 
The forum is like a big family with everyone supporting each other. 
The rewards for not a great deal of work (maybe 30mins to an hour each day) can be substantial. 
There is complete transparency throughout the company in what is on offer and what rewards are there for you. 
You have access to your entire upline and downline and can use 'in house' tools to contact anyone you like. 
Any support ticket you raise is usually responded to within two working days. 
None of the tasks that you do on a daily, weekly or monthly basis are in any way difficult, they are easy to do and just take a little bit of you time each day (more VP's).


Because it is free to join and all the training is free, you can expect a lot of people you recruit to be what are called 'TYRE KICKERS' in this business. They quit when they don't make money in the first month - no good to you or anyone else. 
Whilst a lot of the recruitment methods are free, you should really be prepared to have a S/O to grow your business but this is not essential.

There is so much support and resource material on the site that this in itself can put some people off which I would prefer to be simplified as you only need to use about a quarter of it to make a living.

Whilst the forum is great, especially when talking to other affiliates, the feedback from Gery and his senior support members can sometimes seem to be a bit of a put down. This is not intentional because they know that the system is sound and proven to work but because they get so many silly questions that they are sometimes a bit abrupt with the answers but at least they answer which is refreshing.

(note: when I say silly I mean like:- Hi Gery, I have been a member for a week and am not making any money, what am I doing wrong etc etc)

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