Thursday, March 27, 2014

155- Most Underused Technique in Job Searches: Consider Going Back To Your Last Employer

Most Underused Technique in Job Searches: Consider Going Back To Your Last Employer

Most Underused Technique in Job Searches: Consider Going Back To Your Last Employer

If you've been out of work for a while, you may be missing the obvious. Assuming you were laid-off, not fired, you may find that your old employer wants you back. This easiest of avenues for job search is also very much overlooked. Many people my hold a grudge against an employer and look "anyplace but... " However, remember that your former employer has lots of good reasons to want you back. Its far easier for a company to rehire you than relocate someone else, and then retrain them in the company-specific proceedures. 

Years ago when I worked for an engineering company they estimated that it took 18 months to get an new-hire to a point of effectiveness as an employee.

Would you go back? If you've been a smart employee, you haven't burned bridges. If you've been smart, you've maintained connections with former coworkers. If you've not bad-mouthed the company, boss or coworkers, then you should seriously consider returning.

Benefits to you may be: recapturing real or perceived seniority; effectiveness in your job; the economic advantages to not relocating.

Be aware that you may find that you need to accept less money. You may have to swallow a bit of pride in returning. Rest assured that these two points are easily brushed off with peers as the simple retort: "It is what it is," delivered lightly with a smile. Most people will welcome you back without a second glance.

To approach an old employer, first do some reconnasance. Reconnect with people you know that work for the company. Next make them aware that you are considering returning. Enlist these old connections to seek out opportunities for you and also to recommend you.

Next, scope out what new skills and needs the positions in the company require. Update your skills and your resume to reflect these new skills. If the update take time (like a college course), get the process started so you can talk about it in your interview. You want to be able to site proactive steps to being the best of candidates.

Make a few new professional connections within the company through trade organization or through online communities. Raise your visibility by online portfolios or posts online in professional communities.

If you have any enemies within the company try to reconnect on a new level with these people. Online communities can make this easier to link with them. If at all possible convert any negative contacts to believers, if not at least try to make them neutral.

Finally, identify the position which best fits your qualifications and submit your resume for the position.

Remember that your inside knowledge of the organization, the industry and the position give you a leg up on any competition from outside the company. What you must do is show that you have the drive, enthusiasm and skills to make your come back a real "come-back."

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