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82- Marketing Strategies For A Successful Distribution Business

Marketing Strategies For A Successful Distribution Business

Marketing Strategies For A Successful Distribution Business

Distributors provide marketing and sales service which enables other companies to sell to those customers you can not reach with your own resources and own sales team. Distributors typically work for many organizations, some of them are your business competitor. Depending upon their relationship with the companies, distributors may develop their own marketing strategies or they work on a cooperative strategy with the channel partners. Marketing plans are necessary for distributors to develop good sale and client service approaches.


Marketing Strategy in distribution operates at two levels. The aim is to increase their customers 
for generating more revenue and make improvement in their strategies to get more distributorship agreements. They sell more and more of each partner's products so as to attract more cooperative marketing funds or for enhanced marketing support. While developing the marketing strategy, distributor may give preference to the channel partners who offer higher margins and better level of support.

Customer Base

Distributors develop marketing strategies to increase the no. of prospects for the products they distribute. Where the companies target larger customers, distributors target smaller prospects in some cases. If a channel partner is using distributor to diversify its business and to increase geographic reach, the distributor may target both small and large customers.


Distributors deal with their prospects via a direct sales team. To improve sales, distributors take advantage of their business partner's products and sales training programs to improve the selling performance of his sales team. They structure their team either to focus on specific market sectors or to cover geographical territories. The sales target has been set up for increased support from partners.


Branding is an important element of distributor marketing strategy. By taking the branding of a channel partner, a distributor can take benefit from the brand developed by the partner through their marketing programs. This helps distributors to gain acceptance in the market at the time they approach new prospects. Distributors that market an ample assortment of products from different partners may prefer to create their own branding rather than adopting a brand that only symbolizes part of their customer offering.

Having well-planned strategies in business helps in dealing with every business problem. If you are distributor, you need to be very aware of the value of marketing and promotional strategies. These promotional & marketing plans help your company utilize the skills of your employees and can help you in developing creative approaches to customer and sales service.

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