Tuesday, March 4, 2014

80- How to Get Hired for IT Jobs

How to Get Hired for IT Jobs

How to Get Hired for IT Jobs

If you look at the want ads in the newspapers, job boards and online recruitment sites, you will notice that IT security jobs are very much in demand and with good reason. Unless you're tech savvy or consider yourself a techno-geek, information technology can be like an alien world except of course, for those who tirelessly guard your network against Wikileaks, internet worms, bot attacks and cyber-terrorists.

Techno-geek or not, a job in the IT industry means great compensation as well as great stability. The salaries in these jobs are often higher than other IT experts so if one of your life goals is to have a secure financial future (who doesn't?) then you may want to consider a career in network security. How does one begin to consider a career here and how does one achieve it?

Of course, the first thing you need to possess is knowledge, and lots of it. This is the best time to read up on everything about IT security and familiarize yourself with terms like information protection, information assurance, data integrity, penetration testing, encryption and defense in-depth. Check out tons of sites online that discuss these terms in detail but if you find that you get bored just from reading the first sentence then you may need to explore other options.

Another thing that can help you score the best jobs is to have personal certifications. Because these certifications are not easy to earn, they give employers an idea of your exceptional abilities and therefore, make you appear more interesting to them than other job candidates who don't have any certification whatsoever. In the field of IT, there is the Security + certification that is renowned in the industry that is required by most companies who are advertising for IT jobs in their organizations. Getting this type of certification will help beef up your resume and make scoring the jobs you want easier. These certifications usually cost around $200 to $500 but is well-worth your time and money.

Talking of certifications, you may also want to try out for top-notch, advanced skills certification like the CISSP, CISM and GSLC to really step up your game. You'll be surprised at how many employers are expecting to read these certifications in your resume, so much that it's a guarantee that your resume will be on top of the list of those they will be calling back. The great thing about this is you can take the courses necessary for these certifications online or attend actual classes on it. Be warned though that the actual classes can give you information overload but then again, some people thrive on this kind of learning.

And lastly, nothing gets you the job more than having enough experience. You can try to do volunteer work and apply for internships with companies that specialize in IT to get a feel of the environment as well as to know what to expect when you are actually working in IT security. Doing the actual work will also help you decide whether or not you want to go ahead with embarking on a career in IT security or you may actually get yourself hired for a real job if it turns out you have exceptional skills.

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