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95- How To Effectively Work Your Internet Marketing Business

How To Effectively Work Your Internet Marketing Business

How To Effectively Work Your Internet Marketing Business

I watched a video a few years ago, where an internet marketer shared every detail about the early stages of his internet marketing career. He explained how he felt about not being able to make money, which practically put him out of business.

I understood exactly how he felt, because I went through the same circumstances that this man faced when I got started in marketing.

This gentleman shared how distractions and lack of discipline practically destroyed his business. By answering non important phone calls from friends and family during work sessions (which reduced 25% of his productivity), he didn't achieve much at all.

The bottom line is that he didn't do the income producing activities most marketers do.

It's normal to get distractions, what's not normal is to let them interfere with your work.

Almost every business person gets distractions, but what makes the difference is to know in advance how you are going to deal with anything that gets in your way.

Most marketers work behind closed doors with their phones turned off, where no one can disturb nor interrupt their valuable time.

Here are some suggestions on how to be productive and achieve more by doing less.

Make the habit of planning your week ahead every Sunday

By planning every detail of your week doesn't necessarily mean you will follow through to the letter, but you will know exactly what you need to do to stay productive and not fall behind at any time.

Follow you plan as planned and if you have to make some changes for important reasons, postpone the least important tasks, and make sure you execute them the next day or in extreme cases the same week.

Don't dedicate excessive time on your business

When you know exactly what needs to be done, you will know exactly what to do and how to do it on time. Once your work is done, that's it. Don't try to do tomorrow's work.

Tomorrow will be a different day with different challenges that have to be faced, but that is scheduled for tomorrow, when you feel fully energized and have the proper attitude for success.

In several cases you will be forced to deal with certain tasks that can't wait. Always know what to do in certain cases, by either delegating work, rescheduling or in extreme cases hiring help to do the work for you.

If it's the result of excessive work from previous days, do everything you can to get caught up, so you don't have to be adding more work to your schedule later.

Working excessively can drain your energy and enthusiasm you need to help you carry on.

Live a balanced life

Your daily life should be balanced in order to keep your career balanced. You must plan how you are going to live your life since the beginning, so you know exactly how to keep balance in every area of your life which includes career, intellect, family, social, religious, recreation, relaxation, etc.

Most successful people have experience on how to keep themselves away from work, so they can focus on other areas of their lives when they are scheduled to do it.

Enjoy life

Don't forget life is about having fun. Life was meant to be enjoyed. If you work, have fun doing it.

Successful business people enjoy closing deals, deciding, negotiating, teaching, and studying. They do it because they love what they do, but most importantly for the benefits they obtain.

Keep in mind that if you associate a feeling of pleasure on everything you do, you'll enjoy and have fun doing almost anything in life.

The key to success is to learn how to plan, follow your plan and keep balance. These things aren't easy to do but the only way to learn them is to do them.

At the beginning you might fail to check how your day is progressing and that is acceptable when you are starting, but as you move forward, things have to change for the better so you can achieve all your goals in life.

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