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84- How Focus Group Research Help Companies With Better Marketing

How Focus Group Research Help Companies With Better Marketing

How Focus Group Research Help Companies With Better Marketing

Focus group research is a conventional marketing method used by companies, where a small group of people from among the target customers are interviewed regarding their opinions, preferences and attitudes regarding particular services, products or ideas. A group of around six to twelve customers are brought together in a group, where they are expected to express their opinions through discussions.

Companies may use the process of focus group research for various purposes and at various stages of marketing. They can use it before proceeding with the development of a particular service or product, in order to know whether they would be preferred and accepted by the target audiences. It might help them immensely in making required changes in the ideas and designs in order to make them more attractive and customer oriented. Again, once a product comes in the market, this technique helps a great deal in understanding the opinions and attitudes of customers, which is extremely essential for making required improvements and modifications in order to make the product even more alluring and functional.

A focus group research is carried out by a moderator who asks several questions to the group members with the aim of getting a descriptive idea about their feelings and opinions regarding a particular product and brand, along with the images, symbols and slogans associated with it. It is a qualitative research method, since it tries to get a vivid insight into the minds of the target customers. As opposed to quantitative research methods, which aims at collecting statistical data on the basis of questionnaires or surveys, qualitative researches allow people to express their views in a more open and descriptive manner, thereby providing a better chance to understand the areas that needs improvisation.

There are several advantages of focus group research. Some of them are:

It helps a company to obtain views and opinions of customers on various ideas and products.

This qualitative research technique can be used anywhere, providing a chance for researchers to interview people belonging to various geographical locations, and get an idea about the level of acceptance to be expected for their products or services in different places.

It is a good way to understand for a particular company who their target customers are, and their expected market size, before launching a new product or idea.

It is an excellent way to know the interests and motivations of target customers that influence them to purchase a particular product or prefer a particular concept.
A focus group research can be organized either by yourself or through a research agency, which would be responsible for providing a venue, search for participants, plan and conduct the sessions. The expenses involved in these sessions depend largely on whether you take care of all the details or hire a research firm.

This highly beneficial marketing procedure helps companies, specially the ones who are trying to establish their base in the market, get a clear insight into the minds of their target audiences, and modify their ideas and products accordingly.

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