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132- Having Your Own Domain Name For Using Email Addresses, A Professional Approach

Having Your Own Domain Name For Using Email Addresses, A Professional Approach

Having Your Own Domain Name For Using Email Addresses, A Professional Approach

When you buy a domain name, either to preserve your business name or for building your web presence, you can create an email such as info @ or admin @ This gives a more professional demeanor to your customers, clients, suppliers and people you deal with. There are a few issues with using such an email id that customers doing so commonly face,

1. Can you also use your other email address @gmail or @hotmail or another free email provider?

Yes you can. In fact you would be able to integrate your new email address into your free email account, such as your Hotmail account or Gmail account. You can receive your new email there and also send email using your new email address from your existing free email account. You need to purchase an email service from a web hosting provider, and follow the instructions to set up a POP3 or an IMAP account, to link it to your free email account or other account, most providers allow for this.

2. Can you also continue to use your other email address?

If you are using a Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail address, you can continue to use it - while also using your new email address. You can use your free email for personal communications, with friends and your professional email for communicating with colleagues etc.

3. Can you use outlook or outlook express with your new email id?

Yes, you would be able to configure your email account in Outlook or Outlook Express, or any other email software. Most software programs support POP and IMAP.

4. Will you be able to use your email account on your cellular phone, or smart phone?

Yes, you will be able to use your email account through IMAP or POP3 on your smart phone, and use the email account on your phone. The advantage of this would be, that you would not be restricted to the free email providers. You will be able to send email from your email @ to anyone, right from your smart phone.

5. Will it help you from a search engine optimization perspective?

Yes, you need to have your own domain name, for Google to take you seriously. Targeted traffic from Google will not come to you if you use a free email service, such as Hotmail. Google gives a lot of importance to genuine content, and it would be extremely difficult for Google to know that the content is yours if you use a free email address.

6. What other advantages are there to having a domain name?

It gives you privacy. You are away from the prying eyes of Google and other free email providers. If you use a free email address, you are exposing your email data to the prying eyes of the providers. The providers would crawl the data and use that to send you contextual advertisements on the screen while you are checking your email. This is how they make money to provide you the service. You are also opening yourself up to others subpoenaing your email provider to furnish your email data.


It is always better to use your own private email address with your own hosting provider. This is not as expensive as it sounds, and most providers provide this service at about $2 per month for a small business, and at about $4 per month for larger organizations.

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