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127- HP Chromebook 11: A Review

HP Chromebook 11: A Review

HP Chromebook 11: A Review

Just recently launched, the HP Chromebook 11 is the newest offering from Google and its partners. This product has earned positive critiques and has already been featured on Amazon online marketplace's bestseller list, entering at number 4 spot. The Chromebook design is streamlined with thin white or blue frame. Albeit admittedly restricted only to Google, its Google Chromium operating system performs excellently with everything it's got.

Priced at $279.99, the device was denoted to feature a superior screen compared to its precursors. Even though it retains the 11.6-inch diagonal size and the 1366 x 768 pixel present, a lot of users have noted that the contrast, brightness, and viewing angles are significantly enhanced. Operating on the Advanced RISC Machines based processor Samsung Exynos 5 dual, as well as 2 gigabytes of random access memory and 16 gigabyte solid state drive; this specific laptop performs efficiently for day-to-day tasks, but is not going to manage any hefty loads.


1. It is sleek and ultra portable.

This Chromebook has a resemblance to the now obsolete plastic-type MacBook. In addition, all its grills and audio system are already hidden, giving it a desirable unbroken shape. It also boasts a size that is much like a ten-inch tablet, and a hefty 2.3-pound weight. Even though it is made of plastic with magnesium framing, the construction is alright and it seems rather solid. This is ideal for those who are always on the go.

2. It includes a micro-USB charger.

A lot of people have made comments about how they dislike their bulky chargers, especially when they have to bring it in their bags often. This unit resolves all those nasty comments because it features a charger that is small in size. Yet, despite its minute size, its charging time is not very much affected.

3. It has a fine touch pad and keyboard.

In spite of its modest size, the laptop comes with an exceptionally functional touch pad and a full-sized keyboard. The keyboard has a pleasant clack whilst typing.

4. It contains a Google Chrome operating system.

To begin with, this is free from any adware and malware free, given that there's very little installed on the computer hardware. The Chromium operating system denotes that the users need to sign into Google accounts and synchronize all their stuff on the web. Furthermore, Google keeps enhancing the operating system with new updates every couple of weeks.


1. It is restricted to Google only.

As pointed out previously, this kind of laptop operates on a Google Chromium operating system. For those who are only using Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube, and various other products by Google; this product is just fine. Yet, for those who also wish to install non-Google products like Microsoft Office, Photoshop, or iTunes, they may only be disappointed as this is not possible with the Chromebook. It is best to be aware about this prior to purchasing. If the users are a bit technologically proficient, they may also build a double boot to Linux.

2. It does not have an HDMI port.

The preceding edition of Samsung Chrombook has an HDMI port. However, it was removed in this HP model. Although the users can still connect the device to a television, they already have to use a Slimport adapter.

3. It does not have upgrade to hardware.

Just like the previous Chromebooks, this model's processor is also ARM based. It also contains the same 2-gigabyte RAM and 16-gigabyte SSD. There's also a 100 gigabytes of free web-based storage. Google and HP, though, might have overlooked a technique that incapacitates upgrading from Intel to the Haswell range. It boosts the processor rate of speed and efficiency, which also uses up more battery life.

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