Thursday, March 13, 2014

116- Fight Reputational Damage!

Fight Reputational Damage!

Fight Reputational Damage!

What comes up when you search for your own name in Google? Whether you're an individual or a business, you must have already realized the immense importance of whatever comes up first on the first page of the global search behemoth. What your potential customers or employers see when they search for your name? It is your reputation that's at stake, so you can't afford to be careless!

What is a business, or a professional, without a reputation? On the internet, your reputation is not only about what you post, but what others post about you! Have you ever had to deal with defamatory comments about you or your brand? What to do in cases of negative brand associations? Even if you haven't had reputation management problems yet, you will need to somehow manage your reputation online.

Have you ever thought about managing and protecting your online reputation? An increasing number of reputation management consultancies are now offering online reputation management services. These include removing negative content about your person or business on the internet, and dealing with defamation in a professional way. They can also optimize any digital assets you might have, including your social media presence, so that the positive information that boosts your brand, and your preferred online profile, appears on the top of search engine results.

For those who can't afford professional reputation management services, it may be a good idea to buy a domain with their name, that can be set up to transfer visitors to their preferred social media profile. Of course, one can also try developing that domain in an attempt to rank it high in the search engine results page.

Recently, Google has introduced an online tool, "Me on the Web", that can help you manage search results for your name. The tool can be accessed from your Google Dashboard. "Me on the Web" allows you to search for yourself and find out what others see when they search your name on Google, set up alerts to get notified when new information about you appears online, and - of course - create a Google+ profile as a way to present yourself publicly on the web, tell your own story, and get found online.

You can request removing unwanted content and associated search results page from Google results, but be prepared for some work. If your telephone number pops up on the internet because you've been careless with your privacy settings, that's much easier to take care of.

Finally, remember that privacy is nothing more than an illusion on the web! Remember that before posting anything even remotely controversial or potentially embarrassing! Like it or not, we are entering the era when monitoring our reputations online must become a part of our daily routine.

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