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85- Environmentally Friendly Promotional Marketing

Environmentally Friendly Promotional Marketing

Environmentally Friendly Promotional Marketing

When choosing new marketing materials for your company, the environmental impact might not be everyone's first concern. However, many businesses are making the switch from brochures and posted newsletters to emails and blog posts. Digital marketing is on the rise not just because of its wide reaching impact - there are green factors which come into play as well.

There is still a place for physical marketing though, you just need to make sure you're not producing something throw away. Promotional pens are a useful and reusable piece of marketing, which can help boost brand awareness, and keep your company at the front of customer's minds.

You can even buy specifically environmentally friendly promotional pens. These are made of biodegradable materials such as plastics or wood, and are often refillable. Not only will they be excellent as a form of marketing, because they can be kept for a long time, but they will also help to promote your businesses environmental concerns.

Why Choose Eco-Pens?

There are plenty of other kinds of promotional pens you could choose, so, other than the obvious, what's special about an eco-pen? Well, for one, these pens can provide a talking point for you when giving them out at trade shows. If your company already has links to environmental causes, it makes a lot of sense to highlight this fact in every aspect of your marketing. Whether this is limited to eco-pens or you decide to invest in printed mouse mats made from recycled tyres, and folders made from plastic cups, you'll be helping to reinforce your brand identity not only through the message but via the method of delivery as well.

They can work much like business cards. Simply include the same information you would usually, such as a website and your logo. You're unlikely to be able to include much information, so just pick out the most important details.

How To Pick Your Pens

When choosing eco-pens as part of your marketing strategy, you'll need to consider their purpose. What are they saying about your company? If the environmentally friendly aspect is an important factor to highlight, you might want to choose promotional pens made from something which looks like it is recycled, reusable, and natural. You can buy choose pens which are made from sustainable woods like bamboo, or ones with cardboard barrels which have been recycled previously.

There are a lot of plastic eco-pens available, but often they won't actually look or feel any different from their non-biodegradable counterparts. If you don't mind whether you're advertising your green credentials, you can choose plastic, and this is likely to be a bit cheaper.

All your marketing materials should reflect your company's image, so don't forget to pick a design where you logo can be displayed clearly.

Pricing Points

One of the best things about choosing eco-pens as part of your marketing is that they are often not much more expensive than other cheap promotional pens. They can help to set your company apart from the crowd, and with prices starting from as little as 11p, it can be some of the most cost effective brand building you ever do.

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