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135- Domain Names: Five Key Tips For Choosing The Best One For Your Business

Domain Names: Five Key Tips For Choosing The Best One For Your Business

Domain Names: Five Key Tips For Choosing The Best One For Your Business

Beginning the web design process is an exciting opportunity for business owners. Regardless of what industry your business is working in, or how large your operations are, having an online presence is a must in order to compete within your field and steal market share from the opposition. Having a web design that best showcases the invaluable services and key corporate differentiators that your business offers is an ideal way to strengthen your brand identity and broaden your consumer base on both a local and international level.

Begin The Web Design Process By Choosing Your Business' Domain Name

While creating the look, feel and layout of your business web design proves a critical component in your online success, it's important to begin with an even more crucial step: choosing your company's domain name. Before starting the creative process of design, entrepreneurs should choose an intuitive, easy to remember domain name to help ensure optimal web marketing success.

If you're currently beginning the web design process and aren't sure how to best select your online moniker, read on; understanding a few simple (but important) tips to keep in mind throughout the process can make the entire experience straightforward and successful.

When choosing your domain name, consider the following tips for optimal return on investment:

Use your brand name: If you haven't committed to your company name yet, you have a lot more flexibility on what your domain name will be. Check out hosting sites online to see what's available that will help convey what your business is about. If you have already established your company, these hosting sites will help give you suggestions on how to get a new IP address that still enhances your brand recognition.

Clever can be costly: All too often, business owners assume that they have to have a pithy and punchy IP address in order to garner attention. Not true. It's important to remember that, when it comes to IP addresses, clever only works if it proves easy to remember and an intuitive way for prospective clients to find you.

Letters only: Hyphens, numbers and other special characters can prove a major marketing misstep for business owners. When verbally giving your IP address, you run the risk of prospective clients not understanding if you use the actual number or if they have to spell it out. Keep special characters out at all costs to ensure that you're making finding your online image as simple as possible.

Be original: When making your final selection, always try to avoid an IP address that is similar to a more recognizable, better established site. Confusing your clients is a surefire way to have them click right over your web design and on to the competition.

Use ".com": suffix is still (by far) the most popular domain name extension. If you can find an IP address available, you'll instantly be able to minimize confusion with clients who will automatically assume that it's the suffix your web design site uses.

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