Tuesday, March 11, 2014

108- Do Not Miss Out On Mobile Marketing With Your Own Business App

Do Not Miss Out On Mobile Marketing With Your Own Business App

Do Not Miss Out On Mobile Marketing With Your Own Business App

Mobile marketing today is certainly a major part of business advertising, marketing and planning, but it can be very time consuming! There is a large variety of different mobile marketing products for your business but we have some advice for you to create a successful mobile marketing techniques.

Do not message your customers too often. Every message you send them should have interesting information about events,coupons, sales and so on.

Mobile marketing with push notifications only allows so many words, ensure you are to the point. Product landing pages and need to be short and concise if you have a website that drives traffic to your mobile app.

Have your friends or family assist you in going over the app and checking it before you launch it to the general public, they will be honest with you.

Avoid sending messages to people at early morning or late now hours. This will cause many people to just delete the app or choose not to accept push notifications anymore from you. Even your very best customer will be irritated by receiving a text message in the early morning or late at night, nobody wants to hear a push notification pop up on their phone.

Mobile marketing is a great new way to make you more profitable. Many users today use their mobile phone to check out social sites like Facebook and Twitter. If the app creation company is good, they will add both of these social networks to your business app, and that's a powerful way to get your message out to your current customers.

Did you know that a cell phone is never more than 8 feet away from the owner, even when they are sleeping? Another reason why having your own app for your business is a very powerful tool.

If you have any social websites that promote your business, always make a link to it on your main website. Customers will find you on a social media site, moreso than checking on Google for a search. It's the power of social media today, and add your own APP to the Android and iTunes marketplace, you are now advertising virally, without doing much work.

The Business Application Model takes care of the small area of navigation on a cell phone to view websites. So by adding a mobile app for your business, it's automatically configured to help the user navigate and see the information they need to see. Directions, Call Us, Email are all done with a touch of the finger, which is super cool for the users.

Location of your business plays a major in mobile marketing, its a silent way to get customers to your store. Mobile apps for your business offers that unique, easy to use, app surfing feature of just touching the screen and customers can locate you and get directions within seconds. This is huge and we've found that 80% of directions are done using a mobile app.

Make sure that you add mobile friendly directions or ensure the app builder is using a popular maps program like Google maps, as these are designed for mobile phones. Many consumers will turn to their mobile devices to help them get to and from various locations. Check that the maps and clear on all mobile devices and turn up easily when a mobile searches.

Do some research on who your customers are. Know exactly what your customer base will respond to before you start designing a mobile marketing. This depends on your business model. Do you own a restaurant, use marketing to offer specials, do you run a music venue, make sure you remind them of upcoming concerts, are you a dentist, remind all users to check their dental appointments. These are just some ideas you can use.

Mobile marketing should be about gaining a customer base through your existing customers. Going viral and sharing the app is free to do, and fun. This not only builds your business, but keeps your business in the loop with your customer base.

As you have seen, it's important to understand how to implement these mobile marketing techniques to best suit your business. Being aware and active of the various mobile marketing strategies available to you, will enable you to decide which strategies are best suited for your business.

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