Tuesday, March 25, 2014

150- Challenges You Will Face Managing an Online Business

Challenges You Will Face Managing an Online Business

Managing a business online is not an easy task but it's rewarding. Business opportunists try as much as possible to establish their business names to become a force to reckon with so as to increase sales and profit. Many investors will tell you "The fear of failure is the beginning of wisdom". This fear most times comes as a result of unstable markets and ruthless overwhelming market competition and that's why you need to appoint a good management official to carry out important decisions and keep a close eye over what goes on in the company.

Whether you are in direct sales, retail or in any service sector you are still going to meet numerous challenges of online business. You are not the first person facing business challenges, even the most obscure niche still has at least 2 to 3 major brands that are competing for the first place. Establishing your business and breaking through the competition on ground is not an easy task but everything is possible when you have the right man on the job.

Number One Challenge: Competitive Market

The only way you can be relevant in a competitive market is to have your own completely original ideas. Big business companies like eBay and Amazon came up with their unique ideas and they were also among the first to invest in online retail business, that's why they will never show any signs of regression or bankruptcy. If you don't have a unique plan for you business you will end up scratching the surface with big companies in your niche and also become vultures eating leftover. Another way to be relevant in a competitive market is to use micro niche sites and focus on a particular niche so you don't end up as a jack of all trade and master of none; I know you don't want that.

Number Two Challenge: Search Engine Optimization

The way you market your product online is totally different from the way you market it offline. Your business online cannot be successful if you don't have a good SEO plan. It is not enough to have a good website, well designed with good template and pictures of your product all effectively displayed on it, if you don't have an effective and continuous search engine optimization strategy nobody will see the product displayed on your website and you will definitely make no sale.

You need to continuously build backlinks to your website by guest posting on other blogs in your niche, submitting articles to article directories, press release and posting your website links to as many social media site you can lay your hands on. Ensure you don't spam and follow a white hat method to build effective backlinks to your site.

Number Three Challenge: Finding Your Target Customer

For an effective online business, you need to have targeted traffic to your site. This can be easily done with micro niche sites. You need people who are interested in what you offer because they are the actual buyers and if you cannot target the right traffic or don't have a good statistics of your visitors like where they are coming from, their age, what they like and other vital information that are required, it will be difficult to make good profit.

Number Four Challenge: Managing Your Staff

Online business is different from offline business where all your staff are seated in front of you and you can easily monitor them. In online business people can work for you from different locations and so you will face the challenge of monitoring them to ensure that there is no corruption in the system, laziness and poor service delivery which can be avoided by installing good monitoring software that will keep an eye on all their activities.

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