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145- Can An Offline Business Benefit From Using The Internet?

Can An Offline Business Benefit From Using The Internet?

Can An Offline Business Benefit From Using The Internet?

Many offline businesses have started to build a presence on the internet. However, there are still many that have yet to follow suit. The truth is that you will be left behind unless you get a presence online.

Online marketing is a tool that can be used for both online and offline business owners. Obviously it is more obvious for digital information businesses since there is no need for any stock and therefore you have no overheads or buildings to think about.

However, even if you are a small business owner with a physical shop you should still be making the most of the opportunity the internet provides.

Let me give you an example.

Increase In Visitors

A friend of mine works in the IT department for a clothing shop. Since they created a web site and enable people to order products online they have seen a huge increase in sales.

To give you some idea of the increase in visitors - when they send out a mailing to people who have shown an interest in receiving special offers there is a dramatic increase in the number of visitors to their web site.

It is easy to spot because around 5 or 6 pm when people have finished work and gone home there is a sudden spike in traffic! People have logged into their personal email accounts at home and read the mailing and have immediately gone to check out the offers.

This in turn produces orders.

If people had to physically go into the shop to find out about offers then they would miss out on a large portion of their revenue.

Small Businesses

Smaller businesses can really do well to get a web site up online. Another friend of mine makes gymnastics leotards at home. Since setting up a website she has seen an increase in the number of orders. No longer is it limited to the local area in which she lives - but people from further afield are now placing orders.

Having a presence online means that people worldwide have the opportunity to visit and see what you offer. Providing you are clear on where you ship orders to and you cover any costs associated with this then it is worth getting this extra publicity.

What Web Site?

Creating your own web site is actually easy to do but if you don't want to do this you can still get an online presence. Think about eBay and Amazon marketplace. Businesses are using these sites to market their produce online.

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