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96- Affiliate Marketing - Is It Really Worth The Effort?

Affiliate Marketing - Is It Really Worth The Effort?

Affiliate Marketing - Is It Really Worth The Effort?

Affiliate Marketing is a fantastic, cash generating, marketing method. It can be utilised to earn a bit of extra money or developed into a full blown Internet Marketing Business.

This Marketing Business model is suited to everyone really. You can start an online Affiliate Business almost instantly and on a shoestring. Any commissions earned are all yours and initially you can run the business all by yourself to reduce overheads.

SO - Where do you find products to sell?

Here are some of the better known sources for affiliate marketing products:

CLICKBANK - Is probably the best known of the affiliate networks and in my opinion they are the best providers of digitally downloadable products.They can supply you with thousands of digital products and make it simple for any potential marketer to secure promotional material. You will discover commission rates in ClickBank of up to 75% due to easily downloadable digital products which do not require handling or shipping. If you can attract a high volume of traffic to your affiliate offers you can make a lot of money.

COMMISSION JUNCTION - has been around for a long time now and is a very respectable affiliate site. It provides the affiliate marketer with a wide range of products in various markets and niches, great promotional material and keyword advice. Commission Junction focusses mainly on on physical products and as such, you cannot expect to receive commissions of over 10%. However, I did find less competition for their products.

AMAZON - If you haven`t heard of Amazon then you must have been living on another planet for a while. Amazon provides a greater degree of flexibility on what you can sell as an affiliate marketer but be prepared for low commission payouts. On the brighter side, they do provide excellent tools for product promotion.

OFFERVAULT - Provides a good mix of physical and digital products as well as a great selection of Cost Per Action opportunities.The CPA aspect is excellent in its own right as you do not have to be vetted and approved by the CPA networks. Offervault supplies over 20,000 affiliate marketing products. You should find something there.

There are many affiliate network sites out there, including Google, PayDotCom and Hydra. I suggest you research them to see what they have available in your own particular chosen market / niche / sub-niche and then decide on what products you want to promote.

Remember that market research, product research and keyword research will play a big part in your success and there are many free tools available from the search engines and free membership sites to help you on your way. Research, research and research is the name of the game so spend time and learn how to research an affiliate marketing product before wasting time promoting a "dead horse".

Another thing to bear in mind is that very successful affiliate marketers do not make their money from just one site, market or niche. They have dozens of affiliate marketing sites (if not hundreds) promoting products across a vast array of markets. So, if you are looking to make a full time income from affiliate marketing, be prepared to put the hours in.

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