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151- 6 Internet Marketing Trends to Consider This Year

6 Internet Marketing Trends to Consider This Year

6 Internet Marketing Trends to Consider This Year

Most businesses today use the internet with their marketing efforts. But with the rapid changes in internet marketing, you too must go with the flow if you are to fully enjoy its benefits. The trend in internet marketing is very unpredictable, so you need to be updated to keep abreast with the stiff competition. This year, the following are some of the internet marketing trends you might want to consider.

1. Website Responsive Design

Bear in mind that not all your customers are using desktop or laptop at all times. Some are making good use of their smart phones and tablets, most especially the high level executives and key officers who are always on the go. Thus, make sure that your website is responsive to smart phones and tablets so your customers can view your fantastic services whenever and wherever they may be.

2. Responsive Email Design

Often referred to as RED, this must go with the responsive website design. Recent studies show that up to 50% of the emails are first opened through a mobile device. And for some companies, the rate reaches 70%. If you really want to compete with those leading companies, might as well invest in something that can be of help to your marketing efforts, such as responsive email design.

3. Your Business in the Cloud

Gone are the days when PC and hard drives are in demand. Almost everybody gets information through their tablet, iPhone, or Android device. But of course, as these devices enable them to easily connect to the cloud, read some documents, post necessary revisions, share important information to others and the cycle goes on and on. And the cloud is definitely here to stay.

4. Multi-Channel Marketing Approach

Marketing is certainly the key to advance once business. You have to find the customers instead of waiting for them to come to you. To fully maximize your internet marketing efforts, create an encompassing Multi-Channel Marketing plan that focuses on your brand. With an approach like Multi-Channel Marketing and your brand at the core, you are on target towards achieving a consistent and long-lasting ROI compared to those who only rely on the traditional marketing.

5. Comprehensive SEO Work

Providing a better answer and well laid information for search engines will earn Google's nod and consider yours as a good site to reckon with. And if you frequently add good content relevant to your field, you'll earn a good ranking in Google. Hence, your website reputation and authority will become more important than ever before. Avoid the shortcuts and automatic back-linking techniques but go for a conversational style, well-written content, long tail phrases and authoritative pages as well.

6. Mobile Web Apps

Web apps are cheaper and the development process is simpler so they require fewer development hours to create. You have the power over the application's distribution. Once developed, updates and maintenance costs of the Web App are within budget so not much of a problem. Web apps can run on common browsers, so no need of customization as a single app alone fits all for the most part. Furthermore, the simplicity of a Web app is just right for the average user.

These are just some of the internet marketing trends you might want to follow. Just remember, about 50% of the online interactions nowadays start from mobile device. It's up to you how you will be able to adapt your marketing strategies to "shift to mobile". And if you won't do it, chances are, your customers may go to your competitor.

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